Vinyl Stickers and Labels

While paper has been the traditional material for the self adhesive label, it has its limitations. Paper is cheap and relatively abundant but the effects you can achieve using vinyl are many and varied. Vinyl isn’t necessarily the expensive option, in short to medium runs, there is very little to separate the price of the two. Vinyl stickers and labels give you the option of being extra creative in terms of both surface finish and custom shape.

At Handy Labels we have probably the largest range of finishes on the market. With nearly 20 available you’ll surely find the ideal look for your brand, product or whatever use your imagination has dreamed up. We have brushed, polished or metallic silver and gold, several combinations of clear, matt and laminated finishes and at the more unusual end of the scale you can choose from pearlescent, fluorescent and window stickers.

Vinyl Sticker Examples

Durability of Vinyl

Another advantage to vinyl stickers and labels is their superior durability over paper. Even the non laminated vinyl is water and weather proof and the addition of a laminate covering makes it even stronger. We recommend products with oils and solvents in their ingredients or additives to be labelled using laminated stickers where a paper option could just disintegrate. Back them up with our permanent or extra-strong adhesives and you have a combination that will cope with the most extreme conditions.

Chemically, vinyl is a generic term that covers a range of polymers and plastics that include the vinyl or ethenyl functional group. The most familiar is PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride and in general “vinyl” and “PVC” are interchangeable terms, not technically correct because plasticisers are added to make it flexible enough to use for stickers but the terminology is easier. PVC is everywhere, from building materials to clothing, packaging to healthcare products.

Its durability does have a downside because it takes such a long time to degrade it can become an environmental problem so be sure to take this into account in your ecological policy and disposal advice.

Transparency and Opacity

Another property of vinyl over paper is the option to have a transparent sticker which is great for a no label look. You can even choose a degree of opacity with the matt effect. Change the properties of the material and you can get a static cling window sticker too, these can be printed on the usual transparent medium or a white one for a different effect and can be used and re-applied to any clean glass surface time and time again. 

Inks and Finishes 

Printed in our high quality CMYK or White monochrome inks and also the finish effects like brushed metallic or crystal frost are resistant to fading via the ultraviolet light in the sun’s rays for many years.

All in all, vinyl is a great choice for your stickers and labels for when you need that little bit extra from your packaging.

Common Uses for Vinyl Stickers

Cosmetics and personal care are obvious sectors that would need a product label with a bit more sticking power. Often left in the shower or in generally humid environments, it’s clear why a waterproof labelling solution is desirable. Also, many hair and skin care products have chemicals in them that would make short work of discolouring or removing a traditional label. Oils (silicon, mineral and essential), denatured alcohol, detergents, surfactants and many other additives are present in cosmetic formulations that your label may need protection from.

Some emerging products that use vinyl as a labelling medium include e-cigarette vaping refills and CBD (CannaBiDiol). The former has various oils and solvents to produce the flavours and vape effect and the latter is an oil based substance that has certain medical and health benefit claims. Trials continue about the voracity of those claims but these products will certainly do better with a vinyl label.