Label Size Guide

Choosing the correct sized labels for your products is essential to create a professional look. A label can help to add personality to your products, increase brand visibility and offer important information to your customers. Labels that are too small may not stand out and could mean that important information is easily missed. If labels are too large, your products may look messy and unprofessional, preventing people from purchasing. Discover how to accurately measure bottles and irregularly shaped containers to ensure the perfect label size every time! 

Standard Label Sizes

Whilst the perfect label size depends on a range of factors including packaging, required information and branding, certain products tend to use standard label sizes. 

For example:


Standard Label Size

Wine bottle labels

75 x 110 mm

Beer bottle labels

96 x 68 mm

Name tags

80 x 51 mm

Address labels

60mm x 40mm

Barcode labels

40mm x 30mm

With Handy Labels, you can create labels and stickers of almost any size. Choose from the standard label sizes above or create your own customised labels using your own size, shape and design.

Measuring Containers of Any Shape

Measuring something that’s flat is no problem; simply use a ruler or tape measure and you’re done. When it comes to measuring round or irregular-shaped surfaces, however, things can get a little more complicated.

We talk you through how to measure containers of any shape or size to ensure an accurate and appropriate label fit every time!

Print Handy Ruler:

Print and cut out our Handy Ruler below, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed for this. Most computers already have it but if yours does not, you can install it in just a few minutes.

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader


Please note: When you print the file, you will need to select ‘Actual size’ or ‘100%’ within the page sizing section in the print dialogue box. You should also ensure that ‘Auto’ is selected within the orientation section. Full details can be found in the instructional video below.

Printing Options

Step Two

Take your ruler and using the ‘Start’ line as the starting reference, wrap it around the item that you will be applying the sticker to. Make sure you wrap it around the object at the exact place your label will be stuck for an accurate measurement. 

Use the flexibility of the paper to emulate that of the sticky label material and follow the contours of the item on the ruler and mark your endpoint. Make sure to add a minimum of 2 mm to the width of your custom sticker measurement if you require your sticker to overlap.

Step Three

Now you have your sticker width and height, we recommend plotting your recorded measurements onto a piece of paper and cut-out to make a template that you can wrap around your product to double-check that your dimensions are correct. 

Once you’re happy with your sizes, you can create your perfect label online with Handy Labels. Browse from our wide selection of products, and choose your desired shape, size and material.

If you have your artwork ready, you can upload it at the checkout stage. If you still need to create your artwork you can design it yourself with our online designer or use our in-house design team for a small fee. We’ll then print your custom stickers to our exacting standards and deliver them direct to you. 

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Measuring Bottle Label Sizes

For those producing items such as cosmetics, you may need to create cosmetic labels to brand your products, declare ingredients and display directions for use.

To accurately measure your bottle labels, use the above method and make sure to add a little extra to the length and space in your design to overlap the ends. 

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