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Custom printed stickers & labels by SHAPE

If you have decided on the shape of your sticky label, please start below. If you need more inspiration, see other categories further down.

Custom printed PAPER stickers & labels

Our most popular, economical label choice. The largest range of template shapes & sizes supplied on A4 sheets in 4 different materials

Our cheap uncoated paper labels are perfect for a range of things, including cosmetic products, food and beverage products, pricing labels, and electrical services.

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Take an economical choice but take the classiness up a notch with a glossy finish. Like all our labels and stickers, they are available in all the sizes and shapes.

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Sometimes mistakes happen and an easy way to cover them up is using a blackout label that is made specifically to block out any text or pictures underneath. Choose us for a limitless variety.

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Add instant punch to your point of sale, promotional and marketing campaigns with Fluorescent paper labels from Handy Labels. Available in many shapes & sizes.

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Custom printed WATERPROOF stickers & labels

Try our waterproof vinyl labels. Cut to any shape or any size you require. Many different finishes available to make your label unique.

Custom printed stickers & labels by PRODUCT

Personalise products with your brand identity and create an impact with our product labels. Choose from our popular categories below.

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Personalised Stickers, Lovingly Created in the UK to Your Specification and Design.

Customise, personalise and make those stickers your own. Stamp you, your brand, your cause or any other message on the world with a bespoke design. Reach out and grab the attention of your customers or audience with your own tailor-made way of shouting to the planet. You have an infinite combination of possible shapes and sizes, finishes and materials, adhesives and more for any use including packaging and product branding. 

Getting our custom stickers in the UK is simple and delivery is free. Our company also delivers to most places around the world at a small charge. As a branded sticker printing company, we take the utmost care the specialised process goes smoothly and your order reaches you in pristine condition and ready to get out there to do their job. Vinyl labels and cheap paper stickers are available in materials and finishes to suit every possible application and our customer feedback reviews are the most glowing in the business so getting the perfect cheap personalised sticker or branded label for any purpose is safer than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom stickers? Custom stickers are self adhesive labels that are printed and cut to the customers design. This can include custom size, shape, material and print design.

What are personalised stickers? Personalised stickers can be the same as custom ones but in this case we refer to a degree of catering for individuality. Be they for your laptop or car or any item that makes you, you.

How much do custom stickers cost? This depends on the size, material and number of units ordered. For the highest quantities, you'll pay less than a penny for small ones but for our minimum number of 25, around £1 each is typical.

What are custom stickers made from? All of our custom stickers are made from our vinyl range which is short for poly vinyl chloride or PVC. There are many colours and finishes in that range and all are waterproof.

What can be printed on custom stickers? We will print anything you like, they are custom designs after all. However we do reserve the right to reject any that may be indecent, inflammatory or illegal in any way.

What shape are custom stickers? It's entirely your choice, although there are a few practical limitations such as 2 meters wide is a size limit and the printing process won't tolerate any adjoining areas to be too thin but we'll guide you when we approve the artwork.

What are custom stickers used for? The term custom may refer to the size, shape or the design that's printed on the sticker. This means that these sticky labels are used for pretty much anything you like; retail labelling, asset tags, health and safety signs, windows, barcodes etc.

Can you get custom stickers for any purpose? The custom shapes we produce can perform any duty that our regular shapes can, you just have control over an extra dimension of your labelling needs.

How do you apply custom stickers? All our products come on a sheet, usually A4 sized, and cut for convenience, so carefully take a suitable edge and peel it back and apply to the intended item. We have also made a video of the process.

What are the benefits of custom stickers over standard shapes? In some applications, standard shapes are perfectly adequate and fit the intended medium. In other situations, only a custom shape will do. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or the item that will receive the sticker is irregularly shaped.

Guide to Getting the Best For Your Labelling Needs

Whilst they may seem like a simple thing, labels and stickers are more than just a combination of paper and glue. They are a way to reward, a way to notify and a way to advertise! Another great thing about our printed labels, in particular, is that they come in an infinite range of different shapes, sizes, colours, designs and they can be supplied in almost any material imaginable. Our customers have used our products for many uses, lip balm and cosmetic labels are popular as well as own label stickers for many applications.

Not sure which type of branded printed labels is right for you? We have put together our comprehensive guide to help you through it and remember if you want a custom design, you can have any shape you want! Whether you are looking for custom printed labels on sheets or business stickers to promote your company, we have just the custom sticker that you’re looking for. Custom branded wine and beer labels are also common orders that we fulfil in large or small runs to suit any pocket.

All Shapes and Sizes.

Whatever stage of the design process you are, choosing the shape is normally the first port of call. The good news is, there is no restriction whatsoever. There are several template shapes but there’s nothing holding you back. Here are some of the common label template shapes that we can offer and their potential uses.

Round and Oval Labels

Round self-adhesive stickers are one of the most popular shaped labels to use. The round symmetry lends itself to many uses. Items for sale, bottle labels, cosmetics and lip balm labels, logo prints and they’re also ideal for those who want to use them as price stickers, sealing gifts or as a reward on a sticker chart for children. Round labels come in a variety of sizes, this can range from as small as 10mm in diameter right up to stickers that are as large as a wall mural!


Square labels, much like round ones have a variety of uses. You may find them used on cosmetic labels or perhaps to list ingredients found in a ready meal. Square labels are a popular choice for new promotions or perhaps to label envelopes with addresses or for candle labels. Here at Handy Labels, we are able to provide a minimum order of just 25 labels, perfect to test a product idea.


Whilst the idea of a rectangle sticker is much the same as a square, the larger area on these stickers allow for them to be wrapped around items such as bottles or other food products. So rectangle stickers are popular for those who are looking to label food containers, however, they still work fantastically for promotional matters and even ideal for window stickers too! A rectangular sticker is great for making sure that you not only fit in more text, perfect for an ingredient list or to ensure a business slogan is a key feature.

Custom Shape Labels

Sometimes only your own shape will do. Food and beverage labels are great when custom made. Cleaning products often have custom, personalised stickers which define each of them from one another. They can also be used for study materials, using a differently shaped sticker for separate subjects and sub-categories. Custom shape labels are only available in our waterproof vinyl range of materials.

The Materials We Print Your Labels On.

Choose high-gloss, photo quality for crisp images or silky, soft matt for elegance. From metallic to fluorescent, different materials give very different results. The label material that you chose will largely depend on the end result you’re looking to achieve and what you want to use it for.

Uncoated Paper Stickers.

A great all-rounder, often seen on beauty and cosmetic products, food and beverage, electrical goods and almost anything. Available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Being our most cost-effective choice of label material makes it a real winner!

Glossy Labels

Not only great for all the same uses as uncoated paper, but you can also use glossy paper labels for bottles and jars. However, it’s recommended you don’t use these labels for any products that are likely to be stored in water or in ice such as glass beverage bottles as the paper is likely to fray. For these items, we suggest you opt for white glossy vinyl stickers instead. They are the ideal choice for glass bottles, as well as plastic containers, due to their waterproof qualities. Ideal for products that will be outside in the elements too.

Waterproof vinyl also comes in a variety of other finishes, not just white. Here at Handy Labels, we are proud to offer a wide variety of waterproof vinyl stickers that you can choose from! This includes clear glossy vinyl, which is great if you are affixing it to a see-through product such as a bottle sticker to achieve a ‘no label look’. You can also opt for metallic vinyl or crystal frost vinyl. Both of which are ideal for those who are looking to make for a luxurious and glamorous product that will appeal to a premium or prestige market.

Adhesives for Stickers

The majority of our labels come with three different types of adhesive. Removable, Permanent and Extra Permanent also know as High-Tack. The type of adhesive that you opt for will really depend on what you are using your particular labels for.

  • Removable labels are easy to peel off. These are often the types of labels that are used to price a product. For example, A book cover that requires a price sticker which then needs to be removed not leaving a sticky residue or not damaging the surface of the product.
  • Permanent labels are harder to peel than removable labels (yet are still not entirely impossible to take off). A Permanent adhesive is by far the most popular choice, as it’s level of adhesion suits the majority of uses.
  • For a more permanent option for your product, choose an extra permanent label. They are often recommended for glass jars and bottles… particularly if they are likely for beer bottles to be placed in water or ice and is the label of choice for those who run a bar or nightclub. The only adhesive choice if you require your personalised label to stay stuck on a low energy surface, for example, any type of plastic. They are, however, less likely to be used if you’re looking for a way to seal a package or product as this could prove frustrating for the end user!

Now that you know more about the range of Handy Labels products and how they may be suited to your needs, why not try a free sample pack and see if they work for you?! Already sure which one is for you? Start ordering your labels now using our interactive online store and see if you can label up your products with our discount labels and discount stickers!