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Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

Window stickers are a great way to get your message across and are ideal for smooth glass surfaces, car windscreens and retail displays.
Window stickers are a great way to get your message across and are ideal for smooth glass surfaces, car windscreens and retail displays.

Window Stickers

Window Stickers

If your business has a store or customer-facing premises, window stickers are a great way to get your message across. A well-designed window sticker will catch the eye of customers and allow you to highlight key information about your products or services.


Whether you're using window stickers to post your opening hours, advertise special promotions or just brand your workspace, they are the perfect way to get your message out there. Our window stickers come with the added advantage of being reusable thanks to their static cling properties - this means you can apply them, peel them off and reapply them without the stickers losing their 'cling'.


Choose our window stickers if you're looking for a simple and straightforward order process, fast delivery and a high-quality product. Our team can produce any size and shape in our window sticker vinyl material, giving you the power to change promotions and offers without leaving any sticky residue on the glass.

If you're still unsure, speak to our team or request a free sample of your window sticker.

Adhesives and Finishes

Available in either a white gloss or clear gloss finish. Our thick self-cling vinyl is without adhesive ‘peel and re-use’, so can be applied to the inside or outside of any smooth glass surface. Digitally printed in high-quality CMYK or white with eco-solvent inks which offer a level of scratch and UV resistance.


Are you launching a new product or service? Is there an upcoming event that you need to promote? Our highly visible window stickers will be perfect for the job. Window stickers are ideal for all smooth glass surfaces, car windscreens and retail window displays.


Are car window stickers removable?

Car window stickers that are designed to be removed, like our static-cling products will glide straight off ready to use again but some stickers are designed to stay put. Avoid trying to scrape the glue off as that might scratch the glass, try using nail varnish remover (acetone) instead.

Are rear window stickers illegal?

Rear window stickers are not illegal in the United Kingdom but the regulations state that all glass or transparent material in a car must be kept in a state that will not obscure the view of the driver.

Are window stickers reusable?

Yes, window stickers are reusable. Just carefully peel them of the surface they are on, wipe them down with a damp cloth and carefully reapply them to an appropriate surface.

Do you put window stickers on the inside or outside?

Since the material used in window sticker manufacture is the same on both sides, you can put them on either side but for security and protection from the elements, it's standard practise to put them on the inside. Be sure to reflect this (excuse the pun) in the design.

How do you apply window stickers?

To apply static-cling window stickers, make sure both surfaces are clean and dust free. A fine mist of water on the window will help smooth the sticker in place, work from one edge smoothing out any bubbles as you go.

What are window stickers made of?

Our window stickers are made of clear or white calendered PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) and our printers transfer your design straight on to the surface.

How do I make window stickers stick again?

Since window stickers affix to any smooth surface using a different mechanism to ones with traditional adhesives, they can be reused over and over, just clean them and start again.

What makes window stickers stick?

The static in a lighter object causes it to be attracted to the larger one ie sticker to window and surface tension allows the flexible plastic to remain fixed to the glass.

Where do you buy window stickers?

Window stickers are available from many sources, we specialise in custom printed window stickers that are printed and shaped to the customers personalised design.

Where can you put car window stickers?

If you are planning to put window stickers on the front windscreen there are regulations on the position and by how much it can stray into the drivers field of vision. Rules on positioning on the other windows are less strict but they cannot obscure the drivers vision.


We aim to print, finish and dispatch all orders within 48 hours of PDF proof approval. Your next day delivery has already been included in your price, so there will be no surprises at checkout.

This covers delivery to any UK mainland address, we also give you a 1 hour delivery window via text or email, so you don’t have to wait in all day for your order to arrive, we know how frustrating this can be.

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Quality Guarantee

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Handy Promise

Product Specification

Made from either a white or clear calendered PVC, this double-sided material will cling to clean glass and smooth metals either from the inside or outside. An added advantage of being ‘peel and re-use’ due to its static cling properties; our window stickers can be removed and applied over and over again without losing their ‘cling’. The material is best applied by spraying a mist of water on the surface you wish to stick to the clean surface then squeegee down to eliminate any air bubbles for a professional finish. Can be written on with a fine-tip permanent pen.

Surface Finish:
White gloss or clear/transparent gloss
170 micron
Available Adhesive:
Static cling
Application Temperature:
Service Temperature:
-20°C to +50°C

Durability & Safety

Fire Rating:
Self-extinguishing - the fire rating is a function of the substrate
2 years
4 years

Not recommended for low energy surfaces such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and ABS. If you require labels that can stick to these materials, please view our Hi-Tack vinyl range with extra permanent adhesive.


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