Vinyl Stickers and Labels

Unlock the power of long-lasting and cost-effective branding with Handy Labels, your trusted source for custom vinyl stickers. We specialise in creating high-quality, multipurpose vinyl decals that elevate your product's appeal while resonating with your unique brand identity. Perfect for businesses big and small, our vinyl stickers offer superior durability, unmatched customisation, and striking print quality, making them a popular choice for a variety of applications, be it candle labels, cosmetic labels, QR code stickers or jar labels. Explore the endless possibilities with our extensive vinyl sticker range!

Types of Vinyl Stickers

It’s essential when choosing a vinyl sticker printer that you take a look at their material range. We think it's crucial to offer an extensive list of options so that you can ensure your labels best fit your purpose.

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Advantage of choosing clear vinyl stickers is the option to have a transparent sticker, which is often sought after for a no-label look.

Our clear gloss vinyl is the most transparent; our clear matt vinyl offers a more diffused look. You could also opt for our crystal frost vinyl, which has a shimmery effect, ideal for premium or seasonal product lines.

The most popular use of our clear vinyl labels is as labels for cosmetics, as they look great on a glass bottle or jar. Our inks are semi-translucent, so we offer the option to have your design backed up in white ink to make it more visible.

White Vinyl Stickers

Our white vinyl stickers are definitely the most popular choice, mainly due to their versatility.

Glossy white vinyl stickers

This material is often used for candle, food, cosmetic and drink labels and is available with a removable, permanent and extra-permanent adhesive.

Due to its white nature in its pre-printed state, our white gloss and white matt vinyl accept and amplify any full-colour design.

Laminated Vinyl Stickers

If you’re after ultra-durable stickers that are waterproof, oil-resistant and scratch-resistant, our laminated vinyl stickers would be the best choice.

Personalised vinyl stickers with a layer of over-laminate will last for years, even in the most demanding conditions. They are available with a permanent and extra-permanent adhesive, making them ideal asset or laptop stickers.

We offer an extensive range of customisation options for our laminated vinyl stickers. They can be cut to any shape or size you require, catering to a variety of applications - from small product labels to larger window stickers or vehicle decals.

Static Cling Window Stickers

By changing the properties of the material, you can create a static cling window sticker.

Static cling window stickers can be printed on the usual transparent medium or a white one, the better choice for a full-colour design.

These removable stickers can also be used and re-applied to any clean glass surface, should you need to remove them, as they are adhesive-free. They can be ‘adhered’ from either face, allowing you to stick the printed face to the inside of a car window so that passers-by can see them from the outside.

Metallic Vinyl Stickers

Our Metallic Vinyl Stickers are the top choice for those seeking high-quality, durable labels that add a touch of luxury to any product or event. Available in both gold and silver vinyl, these stickers are perfect for promoting exclusive discounts or highlighting a premium product range.

With their satin finish and robust, permanent adhesive, our metallic stickers are versatile and suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether you're looking to elevate your candle packaging with a luxurious label or need an extra-special sticker for a wedding event, these waterproof stickers are guaranteed to make a statement. 

Our Metallic Vinyl Stickers are not just aesthetically pleasing; they also offer great value for money. With a minimum order quantity of just 25 labels, you have the freedom to experiment with different designs and uses.

Holographic Vinyl Stickers

Immerse your audience in the dazzling allure of holographic effects with our range of holographic vinyl stickers. 

These vibrant labels serve a multitude of purposes; not only do they make for eye-catching marketing stickers, they're also excellent as security seals, enhancing the authenticity and value of your documents and product labels.

A holographic vinyl sticker is popular for security seals or marketing stickers.  Although they do not fit certain product types due to their outward appearance, they are great for standing out on the shelves or promoting marketing initiatives.

Fluorescent Vinyl Stickers

Ignite interest and capture the attention of potential customers with our vivid fluorescent vinyl stickers.

These dazzling stickers come with a radiant fluorescent background impossible to ignore, making them the perfect tool for highlighting special offers or conveying essential marketing messages.

Their appeal doesn't end with their striking appearance. These stickers also feature a robust permanent adhesive, making them remarkably versatile.

Correction Vinyl Stickers

Reprinting incorrectly printed materials can be a very costly mistake, and time-consuming too!

Whether you have changed your address on your brochures or noticed a spelling mistake on your posters, our correction vinyl stickers can fix it. They will cover over your printed design as if it was never there!

Due to their waterproof nature, they are durable, so they can withstand being outdoors.

Removable Vinyl Stickers / Low Tack Stickers

Embrace flexibility with our removable vinyl stickers, also known as low tack stickers. 

These versatile labels excel in multiple applications, be it as price tags on glossy magazine covers, book jackets, or as handy card catch stickers to secure a card and envelope ensemble.

But what sets these stickers apart is their low-tack adhesive feature. They adhere securely to relevant surfaces, yet are designed to peel away smoothly and cleanly, leaving no residue on most surfaces.

High Tack Vinyl Stickers

If you need an ultra-sticky label that will stay stuck to your product, or if you are after a sticker that will adhere to low-energy surfaces like certain plastics, high-tack stickers are the ideal solution.

We offer an extra-permanent, high-tack adhesive on many of our vinyl labels, so you can choose which suits you most. A popular choice is our laminated vinyl with a high tack adhesive, as it is ultra-durable.

Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

Add a personal touch with our custom-shaped die-cut vinyl stickers! Each sticker is meticulously die-cut, slicing through the sticker and the backing sheet for a polished and professional finish.

die cut labels

Die cut stickers are great to hand out at events or to add as free gifts to e-commerce orders. They are supplied individually, making them a perfect choice to hand out to attendees at corporate events or at market stalls.

With our die cut vinyl stickers, your brand's message leaves a lasting impression in the most delightful way.

Choose from one of the largest ranges of vinyl sticker finishes on the market. Our finishes include metallic silver and metallic gold - as well as several combinations of clear, matt and laminated finishes. Our more distinctive finishes include crystal frost, fluorescent and window stickers. All of our finish effects are resistant to fading in sunlight, making them a great choice if you're looking for a sticker to withstand the test of time. Like all our stickers, our custom vinyl labels are printed using our high-quality CMYK printing process.


Comparison between Vinyl and Traditional Paper Labels

The main difference to consider between a vinyl sticker and a traditional paper label is their level of durability. Vinyl stickers are waterproof, so they can withstand more demanding environments and will stay looking good for longer. Vinyl is a great choice for your stickers and labels when you need that little bit extra from your packaging. Whilst they are not as eco-friendly as their paper counter-part, they will last longer, meaning less waste. It is important to determine which is more important for your product and which better matches your brand identity and ethos.

Pricing of Vinyl vs Paper Labels

Paper has been the traditional material for self-adhesive labels. While paper is often considered more economical, vinyl isn't necessarily more expensive, especially in short to medium runs. Our good value vinyl means there is very little to separate the price of the two. Also, vinyl stickers allow for easier customisation of shapes and sizes, sometimes making them the more cost-effective custom option. We have made working out prices on our website super simple so you can compare them, and a member of our helpful customer service team is on hand via the online chat or telephone if you need some assistance.

Durability and Resistance

Vinyl stickers and decals are often seen as superior due to their durability. Many vinyl stickers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as they are waterproof, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. Adding a laminate covering makes the vinyl even stronger, but even the non-laminated vinyl is water and weatherproof.

Versatility in Usage

Vinyl stickers are perfect for use on products with oils and solvents in their ingredients or additives, where a paper option could just disintegrate. In this case, however, an over-laminate will be required to stop solvents and oils from removing ink from the label. When vinyl is paired with our permanent or extra-strong adhesives, you have a combination that will cope with the most extreme conditions.

Vinyl's Material Composition

Vinyl is both durable and versatile because of what it is made from. Chemically, vinyl is a generic term that covers a range of polymers and plastics that include the vinyl or ethenyl functional group. The most familiar is PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride, and in general, "vinyl" and "PVC" are interchangeable terms. PVC is used in all kinds of products, from building materials, packaging to healthcare products.

Environmental Considerations for Vinyl Use 

It is worth considering your ecological policy and disposal advice when choosing to use vinyl on a product. It is not as eco-friendly as a paper label but will last much longer.


Common Uses for Vinyl Stickers and Decals

1. Usage in Cosmetics and Personal Care Product Labels - Cosmetic and product care labels are usually of the vinyl type, as products are often left in the shower or in generally more humid environments, where they are likely to get wet. If your products contain oils or solvents, a laminated vinyl is recommended as the layer of over-laminate makes the sticker oil-resistant.

2. Use in Hair and Skin Care Labels - These products have chemicals in them that can easily cause discolouration or removal of a traditional label. Oils (silicon, mineral and essential), denatured alcohol, detergents, surfactants and many other additives are present in cosmetic formulations that your label may need protection from. In this case, a laminated vinyl would be recommended.

3. E-cigarette Vaping Refills and CBD Product Labels - E-cigarette refills contain various oils and solvents to produce the flavours and vape effect. CBD is an oil-based substance that has certain medical and health benefit claims. Trials continue about the veracity of those claims. Still, these products will undoubtedly do better with a vinyl label, specifically a laminated vinyl, if the sticker comes into contact with oils.

4. Vehicle Artwork and Branding - Vinyl decals are a great affordable way to advertise on vehicles as they can be easily applied and can vary if they are permanent or window cling. A window cling vinyl is excellent to present parking permits in car windows as a temporary, remove and reuse option.

5. Event Decorations and Favors - Adding personalised stickers to a wedding or birthday is a great way to make the event feel extra special. A vinyl sticker works well in this instance, as it is waterproof and will withstand spillages or being stuck to liquid-based products like champagne bottles or water bottles. You can even use them to brand corporate events to impress a big client.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Stickers

What is the difference between stickers and vinyl stickers?

Vinyl stickers are a type of sticker. Stickers were traditionally made from a paper material, which is still a popular choice today—however, the introduction of vinyl materials allowed print companies like us to offer a more durable alternative.

What are vinyl stickers used for?

As they are available in virtually all shapes and sizes, including square, rectangle, oval, round or custom, vinyl stickers are used for many reasons. Popular use cases include candle labels, cosmetic stickers, asset labels or QR code stickers.

Are vinyl stickers high quality?

Yes, vinyl stickers are a high-quality, durable option. Due to their smooth finish, they offer excellent print quality. If you opt for a full-colour design, a white gloss vinyl or gloss laminated vinyl will give the best results.

Can vinyl stickers get wet?

One of the most common questions we receive. Vinyl stickers can get wet as they are a waterproof material. If you need an oil-proof label, opt for our laminated vinyl as their layer of over-laminate protects your printed design from oils or harsher chemicals.

Do vinyl stickers stay on?

At Handy Labels, we offer vinyl stickers with a removable, permanent or extra-permanent adhesive. Although our permanent adhesive should work for most uses, an extra-perm (high tack) adhesive is recommended if you want your stickers to stay stuck to low-energy surfaces. None of our labels are tamper-proof or tamper-evident, and can still be removed from certain surfaces with enough force!

Do vinyl stickers peel off easily?

If you need your labels to remove cleanly from your products, such as price stickers from book covers, we recommend opting for a removable adhesive.

Do vinyl stickers go bad?

Vinyl stickers have a long life span due to their waterproof, durable nature. You will find more information on each of our vinyl materials product specifications on their dedicated product pages. You can learn about the material itself and what it is and isn’t suitable for.

Do vinyl stickers melt?

Our vinyl labels have specific application and service temperatures which they can perform under, detailed in the product specification section of the product pages. Our white gloss and white matt vinyl is self-extinguishing, making them a popular choice for candle labels.

Are vinyl stickers paper or plastic?

To clear up any confusion, vinyl stickers are typically created using various polymers and plastics, most commonly PVC. They are not a paper material.


Like all our stickers, our custom vinyl stickers are printed using our high-quality CMYK printing process. They are known for their durability, weather and water resistance, and versatile usage. Create your own personalised vinyl stickers today!

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