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Cosmetic Label Printing

We’ve been supplying the health and beauty industry with high-quality cosmetic labels for many years now. Our ability to create virtually any size and shape available to fit the most demanding of product packaging has enabled businesses to gain consumer trust and recognition in one of the most competitive industries.

Quality cosmetic labels can make a difference between success and failure for beauty products, so you can be confident our track record of delivering again and again can be trusted. Whether it's for makeup, lip gloss labels, stickers for skincare ranges or stickers for hair and personal care ranges, we've got you covered.

As some haircare and skincare bottles or jars contain oils and solvents that may tarnish or degrade paper labels,  we have vinyl laminated stickers too.

Skincare and Cosmetics Labels

Many labels for personal care products require an unusual shape, give our custom stickers/labels a try if that's the case for yours.

Still not sure? Why not request a sample of your chosen label material or finish for added peace of mind.

Adhesives and finishes for cosmetic labels

Cosmetic labels are available in permanent, extra permanent (high-tack) or removable adhesives and can be printed onto self-adhesive paper, waterproof vinyl or metallic gold and silver waterproof vinyl in gloss and matt finishes.

A protective gloss or matt lamination is also available. All our cosmetic sticky labels are digitally printed in CMYK.

Cosmetics label uses

Cosmetic labels are perfect for professional branding for skincare, nail care and make-up products. Usages can vary from a simple sticky cosmetic paper label to fit a lip balm tube, to labels that fit a shampoo bottle. Some uses for cosmetics labels include:

  • Lip Gloss
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Styling Products
  • Makeup
  • Nail Polish
  • Personal Care
  • Lip Balm
  • Skincare

Cosmetic Labels FAQs

Do cosmetics labels need to be waterproof?

It depends on the product, its uses and its ingredients. A product that is designed to be kept in a wet environment like shampoo or hair conditioner will benefit from a waterproof label. Also, some products have a high level of organic solvents such as hair serum so they might a little extra protection with laminated labels.

What are cosmetics labels made of?

Paper labels are perfectly adequate in many cases but sometimes a sticker needs to be extra robust due to the conditions the product will be used in or the volatility of the ingredients. For example, if your product contains alcohol, cleaners or essential oils then your cosmetic sticker will need to have a protective over-laminate to protect the printed design from wear and tear and to prolong the life of your label.

What needs to be on a cosmetics label?

Since many cosmetics are designed to be in prolonged contact with the skin and some are applied to sensitive areas like the mouth or eyes, several labelling requirements must be adhered to the ingredients listing. For further information see our cosmetics labelling guide.

What needs to be on a personal care label?

Most personal care products are of the use-and-wash-off variety but they are subject to the same legislation as cosmetics labels, such as batch numbers, contact information and shelf life.

Do I need to put an ingredient list on a cosmetics label?

Yes. In the UK and the EU a list of ingredients is required in order of proportion of the whole product that they represent. This is true of the USA and many other nations, check locally if you are outside these areas.

Sealing Stickers

What does a rabbit in a triangle symbol mean?

The leaping bunny mark is an indication that a cosmetic product reaches the standards set out by the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals, an organisation that ensures the welfare of animals in the formulation and production of cosmetics and personal care ranges.

What recycling symbols need to go on a cosmetics label?

Recycling symbols are not required on the labelling of this sort of product as the packaging itself is normally embossed already by the bottle or pot manufacturer.

What does the letter 'e' on cosmetic products mean?

E stands for Estimated and signifies that the product weight or volume is an average across the whole production batch. So any individual unit may contain slightly more or slightly less than the stated amount.

What does a PAO symbol like 12M mean?

PAO stands for Period After Opening and indicates how long the product will remain effective once it has been opened. So 12M would represent 12 months. The range goes from 3 to 24 months.

Here's a quick guide to measuring a cosmetics bottle or jar so you get your dimensions correct.

Happy Customers

Cosmetic Labels Customer Review

Another satisfied customer, Sophie wanted some custom stickers for her nail care brand and we were delighted to oblige.

Useful Artwork

Some symbols are mandatory, some are required in certain circumstances and others are optional.
Download high-resolution personal care labelling symbols by clicking on the thumbnails below.

PAO - Period After Opening

If your cosmetic or personal care product will remain effective for less than three years after opening, an indication of the expected life span is required.

3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months

Best Before Date

Best Before End

Just like food, some products will become less effective a certain length of time after manufacture, in which case, a best before date is needed

e.mark - Estimated Net Weight or Volume

e-mark estimated symbol

All cosmetic or personal care labelling needs an indication of pack size and weight or volume are the most commonly used measures.

Cruelty Free

Organisations like Cruelty-Free International actively vet manufacturers to ensure compliance, you need authorisation to display this logo.

Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny Not Tested On Animals

Other useful symbols

Here are some other symbols that you might find useful if they are applicable to your cosmetic or personal care product.

Soil Association Logo   Vegan Friendly


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