Labelling FAQs

Do you supply your labels on sheets, rolls or individually?

As standard, we supply our printed labels kiss-cut to shape, multiple-up on sheets for both our paper and waterproof vinyl materials. Our A-sized paper labels are supplied individually.

If you require a custom size/shape that is to be supplied individually please contact our customer service team for a custom quote.

We do not supply labels on rolls.

How do I apply labels by hand?

We advise all of our adhesive labels to be applied in the same way. Before you apply your labels you need to ensure the surface you are adhering the labels to is dry, clean and free from any dust particles. The surface also needs to be smooth and flat otherwise the adhesive will not perform to its full potential.

Once the leading edge of your label is applied to its destination, ensure to smooth the label with a clean, dry cloth eliminating any air bubbles as you go. We have created a how-to video for a more in-depth demonstration.

Our static window cling is adhesive-free and will only cling to smooth, flat glass surfaces. The optimum way to apply our window cling is to spray a light mist of water onto the back of the sticker or surface it's being applied to, then squeegee down removing any excess water for a smooth, bubble-free look.

If you have any concerns or questions about choosing the correct material and adhesive for your needs, we highly recommend ordering a free sample pack to enable you to test our products fully before placing a full order.

What is the Difference Between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers?

die cut vs kiss cut stickers

If you’re looking to create stickers for your brand or product packaging, you are probably considering all your options, from material and adhesive to finish and cutting style. We talk you through the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers so you can choose the perfect option for you.

What are Kiss Cut Stickers?

When you purchase stickers, they are supplied on a paper backing. Kiss cut stickers are cut through the sticker layer only, not through the paper. This means that when you peel off your sticker, you will be left with extra backing around your sticker.

Some people choose to print or continue the design on the additional space surrounding the sticker. You could add your website address or company logo to brand up your stickers before they are removed from the backing.

What are Die Cut Stickers?

Die cut stickers are cut all the way around the edge of your sticker design, cutting through both the sticker and paper backing. This means that die cut stickers look exactly the same when they are on the paper backing as they do when this has been removed.

This is one of the benefits of die cut stickers, making for a great looking sticker even before use.

Kiss Cut vs. Die Cut Stickers

Kiss cut and die cut stickers share many similarities. For example, you can create custom-shaped stickers using both the kiss cut and die cut methods. There are some things you should consider however when choosing between kiss cut and die cut stickers.

Weigh up your options below.

Kiss Cut Sticker Pros

  • Protection for sticker edges due to additional space around the edge of your sticker
  • Easy to remove from backing

Kiss Cut Sticker Cons

  • Sticker supplied multiple-up on a sheet

Die Cut Sticker Pros

  • Ideal for single stickers for the purpose of handing out at events etc.
  • Look like the finished product even before being removed from the paper backing

Die Cut Sticker Cons

  • Can be prone to folding or creasing at the edges
  • Can be fiddly to remove from the paper backing

Here at Handy Labels, we prefer the kiss cut sticker method. Kiss cut stickers are a more durable solution that provide protection to the outer edges of your stickers. This ensures that they will stay looking great until you wish to use them.

Kiss Cut Sticker Examples

Die Cut Sticker Examples

All of our stickers are supplied on A size sheets, from A8 to A3. We can produce larger or smaller sticker sheets if required through our custom sticker offering. Please get in touch for support and advice.