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Printed High-Tack Stickers

High-tack stickers are the ideal choice for more strenuous uses. When you need your labels to stay stuck, you can rely on a high-tack adhesive. Available in white gloss, white matt or laminated vinyl, we have a range of options to choose from.

Some substances like metal, wood and certain plastics class as low-energy surfaces; if you want your labels to stay stuck on these materials, you will require an extra-permanent adhesive. This super sticky choice performs well in more extreme conditions and extends the lifetime of your labels.

Although high tack adhesive labels are not impossible to remove, you can count on them to last on your products.


Why choose high-tack labels?

High-tack vinyl labels are a super durable option. Extra-perm labels are your go-to choice for super-strong asset stickers or long-lasting door or wall signage. The most heavy-duty material is our laminated vinyl with an extra-permanent adhesive.

The layer of over-laminate protects your printed design and offers a level of scratch and UV resistance. They are perfect for labels that will come into contact with harsher chemicals, like QR code stickers on restaurant tables, or as laptop stickers that you want to stay looking pristine.

High-tack label uses

High-tack stickers are becoming much more popular due to their reliability. With the increase in QR codes and asset stickers, high-tack labels have never been more prevalent in our day-to-day lives. Uses for high tack stickers include:

  • Asset labels, tags and stickers - an extra-permanent adhesive is ideal for asset tagging labels, as you need your stickers to stay on your products/equipment for a long time, so that you can track inventory and manage your company's possessions.

  • Barcode labels - Opt for high tack barcode labels if you need a reliable solution. Don't waste your resources reprinting barcodes that fall off, and avoid tracking down products or inventory that's lost.

  • Car stickers - An extra-permanent adhesive is recommended for certain areas of your car, like a plastic car bumper. As your stickers will come into contact with natural elements and car cleaning products, we would also recommend a laminated vinyl. To make sure this adhesive is right for you, please request a sample pack to test.

  • Health and safety stickers - You need to be able to rely on your health and safety stickers to stay in place - so choose an ultra-durable extra-permanent sticker to stay stuck over long periods of time.

  • Floor, Wall and Door stickers - Floor, wall and door stickers in your offices are a great way to share important information and instructions. We would always recommend testing a free sample of our stickers before ordering, to make sure they work for you.

  • Laptop stickers - The plastics that make up some laptops class as low-energy surfaces which need an extra-permanent adhesive to stay stuck. As your laptops are precious, we recommend trying a free sample of our high tack laptop stickers before placing an order to make sure they fit your requirements.

  • QR code stickers - Stickers for menus, tables or outside venues need to be durable - a laminated vinyl with an extra-perm adhesive is always recommended. If they will be wiped clean, experience the natural elements or need to stay pristine for long periods of time, high-tack laminated QR code labels are the way to go.

  • Sequentially numbered stickers - Most sequential numbered stickers are used for asset tagging, which needs to be durable and stay stuck. Look no further than our laminated high tack vinyl stickers!

outdoor high tack sticker on bar table

High tack stickers FAQs

What is high-tack vinyl?

High-tack vinyl stickers are stickers made from PVC vinyl material with an extra-permanent adhesive. Their stickiness is super strong and is recommended for use on low-energy surfaces like metal, wood, and plastics. When talking about "high tack", it refers to the level of adhesive strength. High tack adhesives are designed for long-term, permanent bonding and are often used in applications where a strong bond is required.

What type of stickers are strongest?

Our strongest sticker type is our laminated vinyl with an extra-perm adhesive. The layer of over-laminate on these stickers protects the print, and the high tack adhesive makes them stay stuck in extreme conditions.

What is the difference between high tack and low tack?

High-tack stickers have a very strong adhesive and stick well to most surfaces. Low-tack stickers are easily removable and do not cause damage to most surfaces once removed. Low-tack stickers, in many cases, are designed for temporary applications, like window or price stickers that can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface.

Are they waterproof?

At Handy Labels, our high tack stickers are waterproof and made from a vinyl material. They offer a level of tear, scratch, and UV resistance, too.


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