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If you need labels for jars, we offer the perfect way to showcase your product and provide important information to customers.

Glass jar labels provide an excellent way to present your brand beautifully, but they can also help those with allergies and intolerances identify certain ingredients.

You can choose any shape and size of label, as well as the design, materials, adhesive, quantity and more with our jar labelling system. Upload your own label designs or use one of our jar label template designs in our free online sticker maker

lids and jar containers - recommended labels sizes

*Please check your jar size before ordering due to the varying sizes and shapes of jars available. If you’re unsure of the label size required, please use our free Handy Ruler to measure around the bottle and watch the video on measuring jar labels. 

Choose the custom option if you require an exact size or shape. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of printed labels for jars in the UK.

Order your custom jar labels today using discount code new10.

For information on how to successfully apply your custom jar label, please visit https://www.handylabels.co.uk/finishing-touches.

Jar Label Materials

Our waterproof vinyl labels are available in white, clear, gold and silver materials and can be personalised to any shape or size you require. We also offer several adhesive strengths to suit your needs.

The popularity of clear labels for jars is growing, especially when combined with a single colour, designed and printed in white ink.

Alternatively, you can opt for uncoated paper, our most cost-effective material. This option is well-suited to companies with an environmental ethos.

If you prefer a splash-proof paper material, try our glossy paper labels. Their wipe-clean nature offers added peace of mind.

Adhesives and finishes

Sticker labels for jars are available in permanent, extra permanent or removable adhesives. They can be printed onto self-adhesive paper or waterproof vinyl in gloss and matte finishes. Also available in gold, silver metallic vinyl or crystal frost vinyl.

honey jar labels

Jar labels uses

Printed personalised jar labels are becoming increasingly popular due to their adaptability for different uses. Whether you are a small business owner needing jam jar labels for homemade preserves or a local beekeeper selling honey, we’ve got you covered.

Create labels for your spice jars to organise your food storage space quickly. Labels can show the contents or quantity of your jars, making your kitchen cupboards easier to navigate. Adding a label means you’ll spend less time searching for the right spice!

In addition, if you have any unique selling points or store policies (for example, returning and reusing glass jars), we can display these messages on your custom made jar labels. Show your brand in the best possible light!

Glass jar labels can also be used for homemade aromatherapy or as cosmetic product labels. We can show off your unique products with the correct label. Design your own label, which displays your logo and ingredients.

A newly popular organisational hack is to label your pantry jars. Hop on the trend with Handy Labels free templates - use our sticker maker to easily make your perfect pantry labels.

Whatever your need, our glass jar sticker labels will do the trick.

Jar Lid Seal Stickers

Now that you have your labels sorted for the body of your jar think about adding a lid seal sticker. Tamper-proof seals for jars are an ideal way to reassure your customers that their product hasn’t been opened prior to purchase.

Our paper labels work great as tamper-proof seals, as they will rip when you open the jar. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a waterproof option, we can add a perforation to any of our vinyl materials to ensure they tear on opening.

jar seal labels

Jar lid seal stickers can be custom-made in several ways. The most popular option is a single-piece seal label with the lid label and sealing arm combined. Alternatively, a separate round lid label and tamper-proof jar strip can be used to create the same professional result.

For the best tamper-proof results, we recommend sticking your lid seal label and sealing arm to your jar first and then applying your main label around the body of your jar, ensuring the top of your main label covers the bottom of your seal label. This keeps your lid seal label in place and creates another security seal.

Customise your lid seal labels with your logo and contact information. Branding your jar seal labels is an excellent way of getting the most from your stickers, making your products look professional and stand out from competitor brands. Our custom lid seal labels are available in virtually any shape or size due to our state-of-the-art printing and cutting processes.

To calculate the overall size of your lid seal labels, measure the width of the label and the height of the jar lid label to the end of the tamper-proof jar strip. Enter this custom size when prompted on your order journey. You are welcome to download our Handy Ruler.

If you opt for the two-piece label approach, choose a relevant shape and size for your lid label and a rectangle label to fit your jars’ security strip needs.

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Jar Labelling FAQs

How do you get labels to stick to glass jars?

Clean & Dry: Ensure the glass surface is free of dust, grease, or moisture. If necessary, use rubbing alcohol to clean it thoroughly.

Application: Start from one edge and work your way across, smoothing as you move towards the opposite edge.

Finishing: Squeeze air bubbles using a squeegee to smooth out any air pockets trapped under the label.

What type of labels stick to glass jars?

Permanent Adhesive: Ideal and recommended for most uses, offering good all-round adhesion.

Removable Adhesive:
 Easier to remove, leaving minimal residue, but may not hold on all surfaces.

Choose your adhesive based on how long you need the label adhered and if easy removal is essential.

Why are my labels not sticking to my jars?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • Dirt or grease on the jar’s surface, not allowing the adhesive to perform.

  • The label is being applied outside the recommended application temperature range.

  • The pressure-sensitive adhesive has not been firmly applied to create an air-free bond.

  • The incorrect adhesive may have been chosen for your purpose.

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This covers delivery to any UK mainland address; we also give you a 1-hour delivery window via text or email, so you don’t have to spend all day inside waiting for your order to arrive; we know how frustrating this can be.

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