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Candle Labels and Stickers

Personalised candle labels will help your candles shine brightly. It's not just the pleasant aromas that will keep your customers coming back for more, but the way the candle is presented, too. A luxury candle label can turn your candles into statement pieces and leave a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Candle sticker labels are an essential component of the finished product and must have specific information on them if they are going to be sold. If you plan on selling your candles, you will also want to include scent information and branding on the candle sticker.

Materials - What Are Candle Labels Made From?

We offer a wide range of candle label materials to choose from. Often, a cost-effective premium paper label will do, but some candles include essential oils or fragrances that can discolour the sticker; in this instance, a laminated vinyl option would be more suitable. 

Our most cost-effective paper materials are commonly used or our more popular self-extinguishing vinyl (white gloss and white matt vinyl), which will withstand a higher temperature should it come into contact with a naked flame.

Silver and Gold Metallic vinyl are sometimes used for a luxurious look, and lastly, for something different, crystal frost applied to glass candles looks spectacularly good.

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Candle Label Adhesives

From a labelling perspective, four standard types of candles will govern the choice of adhesive you'll go for. There is no 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to custom candle labels; that's why it's best to do a trial and order a free sample pack.

For wax melts, the labels are generally applied straight to packaging, so there are fewer restrictions on personalised candle labels. Still, we recommend our popular paper products or matte and glossy vinyl with a permanent adhesive.

Votive candles are named after the small religious offering candles - usually found in a glass container or jar. The name can encompass larger types of candles too, but in this context, we're referring to any candles supplied in a container or candle jar, in which case, removable adhesive will be preferable. If the label comes in contact with essential oils, laminated vinyl would be our choice.

Pillar and tapered candles can be labelled directly, and since the wax has low adhesion properties, a standard permanent adhesive may be a good choice, as it can be easily peeled off. Still, we would always recommend extra-permanent (high-tack) adhesive.

Finally, rolled beeswax and ice candles have a rough surface and are typically wrapped. In this case, cost-effective, permanent candle stickers can be used since the packaging will be discarded.

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Candle labels for wax melts and scented candles

Scented candles and wax melts are a great way to make your home smell amazing! They usually contain essential or fragrance oils that emit pleasing smells before being lit or heated. Before lighting, this is known as a cold throw scent; whilst burning, it is known as a hot throw scent.


We aim to print, finish and dispatch all candle or wax melt labels within 48 hours of PDF proof approval. Your next day delivery has already been included in your price, so there will be no surprises at checkout.

When delivering your luxury candle and wax melt stickers, we ensure they are kept pristine for you to apply to your candle jars or other packaging and wow your customers into buying immediately.

This covers delivery to any UK mainland address; we also give you a 1-hour delivery window via text or email, so you don't have to wait all day for your order to arrive.

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Quality Guarantee

If you are not delighted with your candle labels, then neither are we; check out the Handy Promise.

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Candle labels FAQs

What do you put on labels for candles?

Most candle labels will have the name/scent of the candle and your brand's name. For example, Vanilla - Yankee Candle. You may also wish to include an illustration and/or your logo, but this is not a necessity. It is not a requirement to list or refer to ingredients unless they are hazardous, but you should put a contact address for your customers. Please see below for advice regarding candle warning labels.

Do you offer candle label templates?

Yes, we do! Go to our sticker maker, where you will find many professionally pre-designed candle label templates for you to brand in your own style.

Do you need a licence to sell candles?

A licence specifically to sell candles in the United Kingdom is not required. However, it is advisable to have liability insurance, as many craft fairs and others will insist on it.

What is CLP for candles?

CLP, or Classification, Labelling and Packaging, regulates the labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures where one or more components are classified as hazardous. Any hazardous materials blended into the candle will be labelled as such by your supplier. Standard wax is not normally subject to CLP legislation, but essential oils and fragrances may be.

Do I need candle warning labels?

Since candles are a potential source of ignition (i.e. they can start a fire), it is standard practice to put a warning symbol somewhere on the outer packaging, along with some advice symbols on how to use candles safely. CLP labels often come as separate stickers and are placed on the back of the product for aesthetic purposes.

Are candles classified as dangerous goods?

Not specifically, as they are not dangerous under normal circumstances. They should, however, come with warning signs for people using them, as they present a significant fire hazard and certain additives are subject to Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) legislation.

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