What type of adhesive do you need?


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By far the most popular adhesive choice used by over 90% of our customers. It’s level of adhesion suits the majority of sticker uses from bottle labelling to cosmetic labelling. A permanent adhesive is harder to peel then a removable adhesive yet is still not impossible to take off.


A low-tack, peelable adhesive solution. Great for sticking price labels to paper book or magazine covers ensuring no sticky residue is left behind or marking the printed cover underneath. Can be peeled off easily, great for short-term advertising.


Our stickiest option which stays stuck! It performs great on low energy surfaces such as plastic. If you’re looking for an extra strong sticky label, this is the choice for you. Perfect for health and safety labelling, please note this adhesive can still be removed from certain surfaces.


An adhesive free option, only available for our window stickers. A double-sided material which allows application from either side. This material will cling to any smooth glass surface with the added bonus of being peel and re-use.

If you are still unsure whether the adhesive will suit your need, then we always recommend trying the different sticker adhesives within our free sample pack.

What size do you need your stickers?

16mm x 10mm
22mm x 16mm
25mm x 16mm
31mm x 22mm
32mm x 10mm
35mm x 16mm
37mm x 16mm
38mm x 25mm
40mm x 20mm
40mm x 30mm
40mm x 35mm
44mm x 13mm
44mm x 25mm
45mm x 12mm
47mm x 15mm
50mm x 16mm
50mm x 41mm
51mm x 25mm
51mm x 37mm
52mm x 30mm
54mm x 22mm
54mm x 30mm
54mm x 37mm
54mm x 44mm
54mm x 47mm
58mm x 16mm
60mm x 17mm
60mm x 30mm
60mm x 40mm
62mm x 33mm
63mm x 51mm
63mm x 54mm
64mm x 34mm
65mm x 20mm
68mm x 19mm
68mm x 63mm
75mm x 37mm
75mm x 43mm
76mm x 25mm
76mm x 37mm
76mm x 51mm
77mm x 62mm
80mm x 44mm
80mm x 45mm
80mm x 51mm
80mm x 67mm
80mm x 75mm
88mm x 59mm
88mm x 63mm
89mm x 41mm
90mm x 14mm
90mm x 53mm
91mm x 30mm
92mm x 32mm
92mm x 41mm
92mm x 51mm
92mm x 67mm
95mm x 20mm
96mm x 33mm
96mm x 45mm
96mm x 51mm
96mm x 68mm
96mm x 92mm
98mm x 7mm
105mm x 20mm
110mm x 75mm
111mm x 68mm
118mm x 53mm
125mm x 36mm
130mm x 55mm
130mm x 60mm
137mm x 92mm
140mm x 94mm
148mm x 20mm
190mm x 18mm
190mm x 30mm
190mm x 50mm
190mm x 137mm
195mm x 50mm
195mm x 139mm
235mm x 190mm
275mm x 190mm
281mm x 195mm
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Would you like your stickers to be landscape or portrait?


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This option only comes into play if you require to use our free handy design tool to design your sticker artwork.

If you are not using our design utility please choose either orientation.

Choosing the correct orientation here will pre-load the correct sticker template ready for your design in the handy design tool.

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For example - You may require 10 different designs printed within the same print run. You can split the quantities of the individual designs however you choose within the total order quantity.

Proceed to upload 10 designs, you may require 100 printed of each design within your 1000 total quantity which you choose in the next step. You would choose 9 Extra Designs above, as you get 1 included as standard with your order.

If you require unequal quantity splits, please add your variable quantities in the comments box at checkout, otherwise we will print your order in equal quantity splits.

*Multiple designs are only available when using the same label shape, size and material.

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£24.11 Inc VAT & UK Delivery

These glossy labels are made from a 90gsm wood-free, machine coated gloss paper. Excellent whiteness and smoothness achieving superior printed results. A non-waterproof material, however it will resist small amounts of water and moisture. Can be written on with a ball point pen.

  • Surface Finish: gloss
  • Paper Weight: 70gsm
  • Available Adhesive: permanent aqueous emulsion adhesive
  • Application Temperature: +5°C
  • Service Temperature: -15°C to +80°C
  • Perceived Tack: medium

Safety Regulations

Approved for direct contact on dry and ‘moist’ non-fatty foods.

The adhesive conforms to the EN71-3 (Toy Safety) & Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations.

Why use Handy Labels?

  • Trust - every order comes with our Handy Promise
  • No hidden extras - VAT & Delivery included
  • Large selections of shapes, sizes and materials
  • Huge material range to suit all budgets and uses
  • Minimum order quantity of just 25 labels
  • FREE online Handy Designer
  • Simple-to-use online ordering system
  • Fast, helpful customer service
  • Rapid sticker and label turnaround times
  • Trackable order delivery service
  • Great quality and value for money
  • FREE label and sticker sample service
  • Handy Rewards loyalty benefits
  • UK based with all work produced in-house
  • Pay by Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, Cheque, BACS
  • Unique environmentally friendly policy