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Paper Stickers

Our uncoated paper printed labels are perfect for a range of things, including beauty cosmetic products, food and beverage products, pricing labels, and electrical services.


Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

removable labels are used mainly for point of sale to promote special offers, price points and product features within the retail industry. When applied to books, DVD's, household appliances, electrical goods and clothing, peelable labels will help drive sales, build brand awareness and consumer trust.

Removable Labels


Do you need a peelable label that can be removed from a product without leaving a sticky residue? If yes, then our removable labels range is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Handy Labels can design and print almost any shape and size of removable label utilising the latest in digital printing technology. Let us brand your removable labels and show you how effective this form of advertising truly is! 

We've already created thousands of removable stickers and labels for a wide variety of businesses up and down the UK. Sometimes a permanent label won't suit your needs, so grab a set of removable labels and use them safely in the knowledge they can be peeled off at any time with no horrible residue. 

With the largest range of shapes and sizes available to instantly buy online, we’re sure you will find what you’re looking for.


Our removable ‘peelable’ label adhesive is used when the label needs to be easily removed from a product without leaving a sticky residue. Available in self-adhesive paper with an uncoated finish or white glossy waterproof vinyl. All of our removable labels are printed digitally in high-quality CMYK.


Used mainly for point of sale to promote special offers, price points and product features within the retail industry. When applied to books, DVD’s, household appliances, electrical goods and clothing, peelable labels will help drive sales, build brand awareness and consumer trust.


Many products are given as gifts and it’s considered bad etiquette to make the recipient uncomfortable by letting them see what you paid by leaving the price on the item. Don’t put your product at a disadvantage in this respect, have easy-peel labels to save your customers from having a red face when exchanging presents.


What are removable stickers?

There is no strict definition but we expect a removable sticker or label to be able to be removed without leaving a residue from all suitable surfaces even if the sticker has been in place for a prolonged period of time.

What makes stickers removable?

Removable stickers are made using pressure-sensitive adhesives which form a bond with the medium without changing physically or chemically and so facilitate the removal.

How do you remove stickers?

When removing stickers, a lot depends on the adhesive. Removable and static-cling labels will normally peel straight off but other adhesives might be more of a challenge, especially if they have been there for some time.

What are non-removable stickers?

The flip side of removable sticker adhesives is, unsurprisingly, non-removable. There are different adhesives but the common factor is a more permanent bond the extent of which depends on how porous the material it is stuck to is.

What's the difference between removable and non removable stickers?

The difference between removable and non removable stickers is in the adhesive. In the case of removable stickers, static-cling and pressure sensitive forces hold the sticker in place which can be relatively easily broken whereas non-removable adhesives are much stronger.

What are removable stickers used for?

Removable stickers are used for a variety of uses due to their two main properties. Firstly because they can be removed without residue or effect, they can be used for items that need to be label free. 

Where can removable stickers be used?

Removable stickers can be used in many places but they work best on flat, shiny surfaces like glass and metal and perform less well on uneven or porous surfaces like textured materials or paper.

What are removable stickers called?

There are several names for removable stickers or labels, "repositionable" refers to the capability to move the label to somewhere else, if this process is performed immediately after it was originaly applied, and "low-tack" is because of the lower adhesion strength.

Are car stickers removable?

Car stickers can be removable if the right adhesive is used. Interior stickers work best if they are the static-cling window variety or using removable adhesive elsewhere. However, if you need it to be durable or to go on the exterior of the car then something more robust will be needed.

Are vinyl stickers removable?

All removable stickers are vinyl but not all vinyl stickers are removable. It simply depends on the adhesive not the material, vinyl can be removed but it takes some work or prolonged soaking in a solvent.


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