The Top 5 Ways To Use Stickers For Your Business


The Top 5 Ways To Use Stickers For Your Business

When it comes to using stickers for business purposes, many people struggle to come up with ideas. Aren’t stickers something for children? You’re not wrong, but they can also be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly.

When you think of stickers for business, what comes to mind? Address labels? Product labels? Maybe even customised wine or beer bottle labels? Well you’d be right - there is actually a huge selection of customisable business stickers available nowadays. Each sticker variant can be used to build your brand and spread the word about your business.

Here are our top 5 ways you can use customisable stickers to your advantage:

1 - Giveaways

Everyone loves getting something for nothing - and business stickers are no different! Simply print up a batch of personalised stickers (your logo is perfect for this) and start handing them out at special events like trade shows, to passers-by and as part of gift/sample packs. Custom logo stickers build awareness and if people like your brand, they might even stick them on their own possessions - bonus advertising!

2 - Packaging

A bit more of a straightforward one here. Packaging is often one of the key things you and your business will be judged on by customers, so choosing effective labelling is crucial. If you want to save time and money, you can bulk buy stickers once you’ve settled on the perfect design. This is especially helpful for address labels which most businesses that do a lot of shipping will get through quickly and don't forget to design them for inclusivity.

3 - Window Advertising

Own a business that uses a store or shop front? Then you’ve got the perfect place to advertise using customised stickers for your windows and entrances. Even when your business isn’t open, you can still be promoting yourselves to passers-by. There are a variety of materials available for this type of custom sticker, and it can be used to display everything from opening hours through to your business Wifi password.

4 - Floor Decals

In a similar way to window stickers, you can design your own stickers for floors. In most cases, the floor of a shop is a seldom-used advertising space - take advantage of it by adding a personalised sticker that promotes your services or products to customers already in your store.

5 - Equipment

It might be the case that your business doesn’t have a store or shop front. If so, don’t worry - custom stickers are still useful! Just brand your laptop or smartphone with a simple logo sticker and you’re away. Doing this works like a portable mini-advert that follows you around wherever you go, building awareness and helping your brand stick in the minds of customers.

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