What is the Difference Between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers?


What is the Difference Between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers?

Selecting the proper sticker cut is crucial when branding products or customising packaging. One of the biggest debates in the sticker space is Kiss Cut vs Die Cut stickers - which takes the crown?

In this blog post we talk you through the following:

What are Die Cut Stickers?

Die cut stickers are cut all the way around the edge of your design through the sticker and backing paper. This means that they look exactly the same when they are on the backing material as they do when they have been removed. Due to this, you will find die cut stickers are commonly used as free hand-outs at events or in packaging for eCommerce orders.

die cut sticker examples

Die cut stickers look most effective with a custom-shaped design. Add these to your customers' orders to keep your branding in their minds (and homes) for longer!

Applications and Uses of Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers are best used when individual presentation and visual appeal are essential. They are ideal for showcasing designs that stand out individually, such as:

  • Promotional labels for your brand - they can be given away as free gifts with purchases, handed out at promotional events, or included in your Ecommerce orders packaging. The goal is to increase brand visibility and recognition, as these stickers often appear on visible surfaces. 

  • Event or party gifts - whether you're a large corporation hosting an event or you'd like to switch up your party favours, hand out personalised die cut labels as a 'Thank you' to your guests. You could even hand them to attendees of an upcoming event, to act as a reminder.

  • To spread awareness of a charity or special cause - Non-profit organisations can distribute stickers to raise awareness or spread their message. 

  • To resell with custom designs - create unique sticker designs and resell them. People create unique designs that cater to specific themes, interests or trends, and sell them as stand-alone products.  

  • Car stickers - Die cut stickers on cars offer versatile applications, from showcasing personal style and interests with custom designs, to serving as a mobile billboard for business branding. They're also used for decorative purposes, membership identification, promotional campaigns, informational messages, and supporting causes. Adding car stickers can be a simple yet powerful way to express oneself or communicate a message to a wide audience.

  • Laptop stickers - whether you want to show your love for your favourite TV show or band or you'd like to add your company logo to employees' laptops, laptop stickers make this easy. Their durability and quality adhesion make them an excellent choice.


What are Kiss Cut Stickers?

Regardless of the type of labels you purchase, they will be supplied on a backing sheet. Kiss cut stickers are only cut through the sticker layer, not through the backing paper. Once you peel your sticker from its sheet, it looks exactly the same as if it were die cut. However, when it's still stuck to the backing sheet, you will have extra padding around your sticker, which helps protect the cut edges from damage by general handling.

die cut sticker examples

Some people choose to print or continue the design on the additional space surrounding the sticker. You could add your website address or company logo to brand up your labels before they are removed from the backing. This is a creative idea for custom sticker sheets, perfect for brand promotion or to sell as craft supplies. If you'd like to explore this option, get in touch, and we can provide some more information.

Applications and Uses of Kiss Cut Stickers

From enhancing product packaging to streamlining operational tasks, these stickers offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Product and packaging labels - whether you sell cosmetics and candles, food and beverages or beautiful flower bouquets, kiss cut stickers simplify labelling, making product packaging more efficient and visually appealing.

  • Sticker sheets for resale - consider reselling branded A-size sticker sheets as art and craft supplies or for people to customise their belongings.

  • Address labels - if you need to add a return label to your packaging or send invitations to multiple different guests, kiss cut address labels offer a cost-effective and time-effective solution.

  • Asset labels - keep track of your company's equipment with kiss cut asset labels.

  • Correction stickers - use correction kiss cut labels to cover printed mistakes and avoid the added expense of reprinting the batch!

  • Pantry Labels - kiss cut pantry stickers offer a quick and affordable way to organise your kitchen and pantry. Label your jars and containers so you know exactly what's in your cupboards.

  • Price labels - Transform pricing into a swift and effortless task with kiss cut pricing stickers, designed for rapid application and clear visibility, making product labeling a breeze.


Kiss Cut vs. Die Cut Stickers

Kiss cut and die cut stickers share many similarities. For example, you can create custom-shaped stickers using both methods. Deciding which sticker type to choose depends on your specific needs - die cut stickers for a standout look or kiss cut stickers for functional use and additional branding opportunities.

However, there are some differences you should consider: Kiss cut labels are usually supplied as multiple labels on a sheet, with the sheet most commonly being A4 size. This makes applying the labels super quick and easy and offers more protection to them in transport. On the other hand, Die cut stickers are supplied individually cut to the shape of your design. Although peeling them from their backing isn't quite as quick as kiss cut labels, they look like the end result before they are peeled from the sheet, perfect for promotional advertising.

Comparison of Pros and Cons

1. Application and Ease of Use

  • Die Cut: May be tricky to apply, especially intricate designs.
  • Kiss Cut: Easier to remove from backing due to extra border.

2. Aesthetic Quality and Presentation

  • Die Cut: Resembles the finished product before removal from the backing, ideal for single sticker distribution.
  • Kiss Cut: The additional space around the label benefits branding, but you can’t see the final look without peeling.

3. Durability and Handling

  • Die Cut: Prone to edge folding or creasing.
  • Kiss Cut: Offers protection for sticker edges, reducing damage risk.

4. Versatility and Efficiency

  • Die Cut: Suited for handing out at events and including in orders.
  • Kiss Cut: Supplied in multiples on a sheet, convenient for volume applications but can be bulkier for storage.

Applying Die Cut vs Kiss Cut Stickers

  • Die Cut Stickers: Require more precision during application due to their exact shape matching the design. Involves carefully peeling off the backing paper and placing the sticker onto a clean, dry surface. Requires applying pressure to ensure the adhesive activates and the sticker adheres appropriately.

  • Kiss Cut Stickers: Easier and quicker to peel off due to the extra backing paper around the sticker. The additional backing provides more area to handle the sticker without touching the adhesive part. The process is more straightforward and less delicate compared to die cut stickers.

For additional insights and practical advice on sticker application, delve into our in-depth blog post on 'Applying Vinyl Stickers'.


Our Final Thoughts

Here at Handy Labels, we prefer the kiss cut sticker method. Supplying labels kiss cut is a more durable solution that provides protection to the outer edges of your stickers, ensuring that they will stay looking great until you wish to use them.

We also like their ability to be easily peeled from the sheet, simplifying product or packaging labelling.

With this being said, we also see the benefits of stickers being supplied die cut due to their individual nature! If you'd like to order premium, individually supplied stickers at highly competitive price, you need to take a look at our dedicated die cut sticker page. Please get in touch for support and advice.

When choosing between the two, think about how you need your labels supplied and your intended use for them. If you consider these factors, along with this blog post, selecting the correct cutting style will be easy.

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