How Do I Measure A Container of Any Shape

Measuring something that’s flat is never a problem, grab a ruler or a tape measure, job done!

However, what about getting an accurate measurement for an irregular or rounded surface?

We have it covered. All the tools and information can be found on this page to solve this frequently asked question.

Step One

Print and cut out our Handy Ruler below, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed for this, most computers already have it but if you haven’t a link is provided, it only takes a few moments.

handy labels ruler

Important: When you print the PDF file, a couple of options need to be ticked on the print dialogue box.

Page Sizing - Make sure ‘Actual size’ or 100% is selected. DO NOT FIT TO PAGE.

Orientation - Select ‘Auto’.

Full details can be found within the instructional video below.

Step Two

Take your ruler and using the ‘Start’ line as the starting reference, wrap it around the item that you will be applying the sticker to at the place it will be stuck. Use the flexibility of the paper to emulate that of the sticky label material and follow the contours of the item on the ruler and mark your endpoint. Make sure to add a minimum of 2mm to the width of your custom sticker measurement if you require your sticker to overlap.

Step Three

Now you have your sticker width and height, we recommend plotting your recorded measurements onto a piece of paper and cut-out to make a template that you can wrap around your product to double-check your dimensions are correct. Once you’re happy with your sizes, head on over to our order pages and choose your required label shape, be it circular, rectangle or custom or you can start from the material you need or product type.

If you have your artwork ready, you can upload it, design it yourself with our online designer or we can do it for a small fee. We’ll then print your custom stickers to our exacting standards and send them to you in the UK without delivery charge within 48 hours.

Any other questions you have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.