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Window Vinyl - Static Cling/Self Cling

Made from either a white or clear calendered PVC. This double sided material will cling to clean glass and smooth metals either from the inside or outside. An added advantage of being ‘peel and re-use’ due to it’s static cling properties, they can be removed and applied over and over again without losing their ‘cling’. The material is best applied by spraying a mist of water on the surface you wish to stick to the clean surface then squeegee down to eliminate any air bubbles for a professional finish. Can be written on with a fine-tip permanent pen.

  • Surface Finish: white gloss or clear/transparent gloss
  • Gauge: 170 micron
  • Available Adhesive: static cling
  • Application Temperature: +10°C
  • Service Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

Durability & Safety

  • Fire Rating: self-extinguishing - the fire rating is a function of the substrate
  • External: 2 years
  • Internal: 4 years

Not recommended for low energy surfaces such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and ABS. If you require labels that can stick to these materials, please view our Hi-Tack vinyl range with extra permanent adhesive.