General Guidance

What’s the smallest my text can be?

We recommend a minimum of 4pt text at 100%, black on a white background. Fonts vary on how clear they look when they are printed out, but in general, 4pt is about the limit. It’s not just the technical restrictions of the print process, people would find it pretty difficult to read anything that small even with perfect vision.

If you have small white text inside a dense black colour we advise your text to be no smaller than 6pt and as bold as possible due to the natural ‘filling in’ of ink. If you have less of a colour contrast a larger, more prominent font style and size might be required. Try printing your design on a standard printer first to see what it looks like in the flesh as computer monitors can be deceptive.

Can I have a border printed close to the edge?

Due to the natural movement in the printing and finishing process we recommend that all borders are kept within our 2mm ‘Safe Zone’ to achieve a professional look, failing to do so may result in the border looking uneven when trimmed down to it’s finished size.

Can I have multiple designs on the same order?

You will see an option for multiple designs on the product order page, just select the desired number of designs and upload your artwork files. You can also have different quantities of each design too within your order, just specify how you require your quantities to be split in the ‘special comments’ box and we’ll do the rest.

I require a custom label size / shape, can you do this?

Yes, we can produce custom labels in any shape and size for all of our paper and waterproof vinyl adhesive materials. Please allow for a minimum of 1mm tolerance on your finished label size. The size tolerance is in place to cover the contraction of the label material due to temperature fluctuation and printed ink coverage.

Will I see a print ready PDF preview before you print my order?

Yes you will see a thumbnail preview of your artwork in the shopping cart before your order is processed. As soon as we receive your order, we will email you a print-ready PDF proof for approval within 24-48 working hours, and we will only print your order once you have given authorisation to do so.