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44mm x 13mm
44mm x 25mm
45mm x 12mm
47mm x 15mm
50mm x 16mm
50mm x 41mm
51mm x 25mm
51mm x 37mm
52mm x 30mm
54mm x 22mm
54mm x 30mm
54mm x 37mm
54mm x 44mm
54mm x 47mm
58mm x 16mm
60mm x 17mm
60mm x 30mm
60mm x 40mm
62mm x 33mm
63mm x 51mm
63mm x 54mm
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65mm x 20mm
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75mm x 37mm
75mm x 43mm
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80mm x 44mm
80mm x 45mm
80mm x 51mm
80mm x 67mm
80mm x 75mm
88mm x 59mm
88mm x 63mm
89mm x 41mm
90mm x 14mm
90mm x 53mm
91mm x 30mm
92mm x 32mm
92mm x 41mm
92mm x 51mm
92mm x 67mm
95mm x 20mm
96mm x 33mm
96mm x 45mm
96mm x 51mm
96mm x 68mm
96mm x 92mm
98mm x 7mm
105mm x 20mm
110mm x 75mm
111mm x 68mm
118mm x 53mm
125mm x 36mm
130mm x 55mm
130mm x 60mm
137mm x 92mm
140mm x 94mm
148mm x 20mm
190mm x 18mm
190mm x 30mm
190mm x 50mm
190mm x 137mm
195mm x 50mm
195mm x 139mm
235mm x 190mm
275mm x 190mm
281mm x 195mm
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These vinyl labels are made from a clear monomeric calendared PVC material. The waterproof vinyl will withstand moisture for prolonged periods. These labels be written on with a fine-tip permanent pen.

  • Surface Finish: gloss & matt
  • Gauge: 70 micron
  • Available Adhesive: permanent clear solvent based acrylic with UV inhibitors
  • Application Temperature: +10°C to +60°C
  • Service Temperature: -30°C to +110°C
  • Perceived Tack: medium

Durability & Safety

  • Fire Rating: class B - BS EN 13501-1:2007
  • External weathering: 4 years

Not recommended for low energy surfaces such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and ABS. If you require labels that can stick to these materials, please view our Hi-Tack vinyl range with extra permanent adhesive.

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