Top Ten Free Design Courses


Top Ten Free Design Courses

Becoming a fully qualified and experienced graphic designer takes years of study and at least as long in industry. Up until relatively recently, most design work was done by the professionals but since the advent and proliferation of computers and especially the internet, this task has been increasingly attempted by the layman.

While modern technology facilitates this, there are design rules that you should only break at your peril that have been formulated over the years by the experience of professional graphic designers. So how do novices take advantage of the instincts of trained and experienced graphic designers?

Look no further, we have compiled the ten best resources to guide you through any graphic design based obstacle course to produce perfect results.

1. Coursera: Graphic Design Specialist

This is a professional course that goes into great depth. It is free for a week’s trial, so if you have time to cram you’ll get some extensive information and training. It might be a bit intensive for the average visitor.

2. Applying Design Principles

A more compact and concise course with modules totalling about three hours covering core design concepts like composition and balance and how to apply concepts of tones shapes and colours.

3. Canva Design School

Canva is an online design tool and it has a free design school. You can pay extra for extra features but the free version is fully functional and the course takes you through some useful design lessons and ideas.

4. Skillshare: Easy Photo Editing

Jenn Reiner from PicMonkey talks you through some tips and tricks with an emphasis on photo editing. 10 easy to follow short videos will briefly cover all aspects of taking photos and preparing them for use.

5. Logo Design Process

Over 5 hours of advice on all aspects of logo design, from customer consultation, through the design process to the presentation of the finished article. Understand the entire logo design process.

6. The Open University

If a fully professional option is what you’re after, the Open University is an excellent choice. However, this is a long term commitment towards an academic qualification and not a quick watch for tips.

7. Introduction to Graphic Design

Get the hang of graphic design with real-world projects and examples. Including logos, Twitter posts, LinkedIn banners, Instagram posts, Email headers, gift certificates, posters and Facebook posts.

8. Introduction to Graphic Design History

From the origins of graphic design to where it’s going in the future. Learn how printer technology has shaped the trends and progress of packaging and how typefaces and fonts have evolved over the years.

9. Adobe InDesign Made Easy

For all levels of expertise, this in-depth course covers all aspects of how to use the industry standard Adobe InDesign software. Starting at the basics, the program takes you to an advanced level.

10. Hubspot: Graphic Design Essentials

Last and by no means least is this guide from one of the world’s premier marketing websites. Hubspot Academy provides hundreds of courses on all aspects of marketing with certification on completion.

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