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Is Sticker Marketing Better Than Social Media?

Sticker marketing has been around for a lot longer than you think. Established and now-famous brands love to use them to help build a brand's awareness - labels and stickers have even been used to help politicians get elected. Despite being long-lasting and having low costs involved, stickers have simply not got the attention they deserve by 21st-century marketers and businesses.

With that in mind, here are 5 top reasons why businesses like yours shouldn't ignore this powerful and sticky marketing tool:

Beyond the Bumper

Today stickers are no longer just for your car bumper. Gone are the days of rectangular stickers which were obnoxiously large and white; these are now being replaced with promotional stickers which come in an array of shapes, sizes, materials and colours. Stickers are now used for windows, water bottles, laptops, equipment, signs, phones, even on people!

Retro Form of Social Media

Stickers for promotional purposes are physical, offline forms of social media. Nowadays, people are using the internet to Like, Pin and Tag to get their voice to be heard but stickers were doing the job long before an internet connection. Designed and distributed accordingly, stickers would generate exposure at a low cost and also the power that is word-of-mouth marketing.

Word of Mouth Dominance

If you are thinking that offline marketing is not as effective as social media when compared to word-of-mouth, then you are mistaken. Studies have shown that 90% of people trust a recommendation from word-of-mouth from people they actually know rather than through the internet. Stickers are used to encourage and amplify offline conversation but are often overlooked by a lot of small to medium-sized businesses. Big mistake.

Complement and Enhance Other Marketing Efforts

Beyond branding and efforts to increase a brand's exposure, stickers can be leveraged in other ways to enhance and strengthen marketing campaigns. Free stickers can be traded for email addresses whereas opinions and conversations can encourage fans to engage with online social media. Stickers have the power to strengthen communities and awareness of a particular message and cooperative campaigns with others can reduce costs and increase distribution. Successful or interesting sticker campaigns are able to generate awesome PR and so much more.

Place and Promote

Stickers used for promotional purposes are not always a giveaway item - they are a way to brand products, packaging, signage and equipment all at a low cost. Unfortunately, you are unable to reply to customers that spread your message and brand, but you can of course do it yourself, whenever possible in tasteful and effective ways.

To summarise, marketing is all about relationships and communication - what it is that makes you unique and of value to the people who will benefit and are more than willing to support you and your brand.

Stickers can be used in so many ways to strengthen that bond and to encourage that the word is spread. That is pretty much what sticker marketing is - utilising one of the lowest cost, highest exposure marketing available today. If you're still not convinced, a tweet will last about 2 seconds on a feed; a sticker will remain in one place for a lot longer.

Sticker Marketing 1 Social Media 0