Make Sure Your Custom Stickers Give The Right Message


Make Sure Your Custom Stickers Give The Right Message

Have you ever wanted to kickstart offline advertising for your business, but struggled to find the right sticker size or shape? Custom stickers could be the solution!

Custom stickers can be created in almost any size and shape to fit even the most demanding of scenarios. Our team have helped small, medium and large businesses create an eye-catching custom label that helps them get their message out in the way they want. The key to their success? Complete creative freedom.

There are simply so many business uses for custom stickers, the list is endless. Here are a few of the best ways to utilise high quality custom stickers:


Of course! This may be obvious but a customised label can be the difference for a product in a competitive marketplace. Regardless of its purpose, using a custom sticker to label products or highlight a specific brand design is a smart choice. Custom labels are perfect food stickers as you can fully customise all product details, ingredients and nutritional information for example.

Promotional Marketing

One of the most popular custom sticker uses is advertising and marketing a specific targeted message to a particular audience. This is where your creativity can take hold - you can really go crazy with your design as ultimately the label can be styled to fit your requirements.

Some companies have a policy of giving out free custom stickers with any order, giving even more encouragement for their brand name to be talked about and spread further. Customers usually end up using these stickers on laptops, phones or bags which all count as free advertising for you!

Furthermore, you could offer custom stickers out in the street as a freebie to passers by, hoping a few of them go on to use them on their possessions.


The way a product is delivered can make a huge difference to customer satisfaction. Poor quality, badly designed packaging will give off a bad first impression, but pay attention to your packaging and your customers will love it - look at Apple for example.

Adding a sticker to your customer’s order can really send out a message that you care about each individual customer and their product, potentially boosting customer service reviews. You can also use stickers as a jazzy alternative to more standard-issue address labels.

All in all, choose Handy Labels if you’re searching for a flexible and versatile solution to promoting your business offline.

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