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How To Design Your Own Labels

The path to designing your own labels can be challenging, especially if it’s something you’ve never attempted before. There is always the temptation to use a standard-issue label to save time, but if you’re keen to build a strong relationship with your customers, personalised stickers are the perfect solution - and they’re not too hard to perfect, trust us!

Not only are customised labels an effective way to promote your business, they can also be used to build brand awareness quickly and for a relatively low cost compared to other forms of marketing. This makes them perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that are keen to boost their audience without breaking the bank.

But how do you go about designing your own labels? Here’s the key things you need to know:


Obviously the first point to think about is how big you want your label to be. Bear in mind that the whole point of using stickers is to grab attention and size plays a big part in that. Consider where you’re planning to use the sticker to guide you here, and remember that bigger isn’t always better.


In a similar way to size, the shape of your labels can make a big difference. We offer a range of the most popular sticker shapes including round, square, rectangular, oval and custom, where you can specify a unique shape that you’d like us to use. If you’re unsure, get in touch with our sticker printing specialists who will be happy to guide you using their expertise.


Nothing catches the eye like bright, bold colours. That said, sometimes a calmer colour palette can attract more attention in a crowded marketplace. You’ll know which you prefer based on its purpose, so just remember to keep any fonts simple and easy to read. Tip: make sure your label uses full colour to guarantee an eye-catching end product.


Another element that you need to consider is sticker material, and again this will be primarily based around the purpose of the final label. We offer a wide range of sticker materials that feature fantastic durability, adhesion and UV resistance. Again, if you’re unsure what to choose here, get in touch with our team for expert guidance.


Last but not least we have print quality. If you’ve spent time crafting and styling the perfect sticker, you don’t want to ruin it by choosing a poor quality finish.Bear in mind that the quality of your printed labels will directly reflect the perceived quality of your business and its products, so don’t cut corners if you can avoid it!

Some top tips there to help you in your quest for labelling perfection! If you still feel like you need assistance designing your own labels or stickers, our team are always ready and waiting to help so get in touch today.