How To Create Personalised Table Decorations & Host The Best Dinner Party


How To Create Personalised Table Decorations & Host The Best Dinner Party

Decorating a table for a dinner party, big birthday bash or looking for table decorations for a wedding? Personalised table decorations are the perfect way to wow your guests and pull off the most iconic table displays. 

Personalised table decorations don't just cover name places, they can be items personalised to the theme of your party and include whacky and creative designs, using a range of objects. Whether you're hosting a kid's dinosaur-themed party, or glitz and glamour, decorative stickers are the ideal solution to easily and cheaply bring your table decor dreams to life.

We’ve listed our top ways of using stickers to host the dinner party of the year. 

Personalised Name Places 

Not just great for ensuring guests stick to the seating plan and avoiding potential drama, personalised table name places add that extra special something, leaving guests feeling important and thought of. 

Using personalised name stickers allows you to be flexible with where and what you use as your table name places. Opt for a classic personalised name place, with a rectangle sticker that you can stick directly onto pre-folded cards for a premium feel, without the premium cost of printing directly onto the card. Simply create your design and upload it to an online sticker creator, like handy labels to bring your designs to life in no time. 

Our custom stickers have the option of being printed with a permanent or non-permanent adhesive meaning you can stick them to most surfaces and still remove them with our non-permanent adhesive. 

Decorated glassware

Create your very own personalised glassware with custom clear glossy vinyl stickers. Opt for simple designs with a clear background to make your designs pop on wine glasses, prosecco glasses or tumblers, with vinyl stickers. Easier and cheaper than buying engraved glasses, transparent and clear vinyl stickers achieve very effective results in making your glasses stand out, and are also waterproof.

For weddings, or events where you want to give your guests a keepsake to take home and remember the occasion, customising your glassware will do just that. You might simply want to add the date to the glassware, or add decorative flowers, stars or create something fun for the kids. 

Create an atmosphere with personalised table candles 

For more intimate events or evening galas, create an atmosphere with personalised table candles using stickers. Using candles can transform your table, helping create warmth and intimacy, as well as offer out beautiful aromas. However, don’t just place any old candle onto your table and ruin your theme, personalise your candle labels to match your colour scheme and theme for the best results. Personalised table candles again create the best keepsakes and favours at any event.

Seal the deal with personalised napkin seals

Similar to how a florist sticker sits on a bouquet, roll your cutlery into neatly folded napkins and seal the package with a round sticker, with your custom design. This unique idea, not only keeps your cutlery and napkins in place but also adds an element of class having cutlery seals for the more formal sit down meals. 

Treat your guests to VIP wine, beer & champagne bottles

Elevate your wedding tablescapes, corporate gatherings, or home-crafted libations with our wine labels, beer labels, and champagne labels. Got your own special brew or wine flavour you want your guests to associate with you and your event? Stick on one of our waterproof vinyl labels with your own branding and imagery for an unequalled experience.

Light up the table with personalised jam jars

Got any old jam jars that need to be recycled? Old jam jars offer so much potential for personalised table decorations. Start by personalising your jam jar, with jam jar labels or clear and transparent vinyl glass labels. Then, get your hands on some battery-operated fairy lights. Place the fairy lights into the recycled jam jar and you’ve got your DIY table light feature.

Additional DIY table sticker uses:

  • Drink coasters
  • Gift boxes decorations and seals
  • Menus
  • Mugs 

Decorative stickers can be incorporated in so many ways to create your personalised table decorations. We hope you’ve found some inspiration for how you can create iconic table displays. 

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