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Halloween Decoration Inspiration with Handy Labels

halloween window stickers

Hosting a Halloween party, decorating your shop window for Autumn, or want to be the ultimate trick or treat stop? Celebrate in style this spooky season and give them pumpkin to talk about with our top Halloween stickers and DIY Halloween decoration ideas, that are creative and don’t break the bank.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, do you vote the scarier the better? Or do you prefer a more low-key approach with a few thought-out decorations? There are tons of simple, yet effective ways to decorate your house this Autumn whatever your taste, and whatever your budget.

Halloween window clings

Blow onlookers away with Halloween window stickers. Create incredibly effective, creepy and aesthetically pleasing looks with Halloween window clings. Window clings are a quick and simple way to achieve outstanding decorative window displays, that will either scare your friends or customers off or reel them in for a closer look.

Whatever the season, bring your window display to life with window clings. In the Halloween months, we like the use of autumnal leaves and perky pumpkins for a family-friendly approach.

For the more daring Halloween decorators, some window cling ideas we love to use to catch the eye are:

  • Creeping cat eyes in black or fluorescent yellow or green
  • Spooky silhouettes of ghosts, witches and shadows lurking in the dark
  • Wicked witch decals
  • Harrowing handprints
  • Menacing mummies
  • Creepy crawlies, spider webs, cockroaches and bats
  • Spine-chilling skulls and skeletons
  • Terror-struck tombstones
  • ‘Help’ and ‘Do not enter’ letterings

Witch Halloween window cling will ghoul choose?

Our custom window clings allow you to print whatever you dare. Choose from a range of colours and opt for non-permanent adhesives that will allow you to easily remove your window stickers so you’re not stuck with ghostly looks all year-round.

Petrifying pumpkin stickers

Forget traditional pumpkin carving, up your pumpkin decorating game with pumpkin templates and pumpkin decorative stickers. Fed up with the mess of pumpkin carving each year? Use stickers to add eyes, fangs and ghastly details.

If you’re still looking for the fun of carving pumpkins but want to create works of art with ease, find a template you like and stick it to your pumpkin as a carving template. This quick trick will have you creating petrifying pumpkins in no time at all.

Pumpkins are an easy addition to inject a spruce of Halloween anywhere in the house. Place them around the fireplace, in front of the front door, with or without tea lights or buy some of the smaller types in different colours to add to a table runner for a cosy autumnal display.

Be the ghost with the most with Halloween Table Decorations

Freak your dinner party guests out and wow them with an impressive table display to surround your food goodies.

Freaky food and beverages labels

Fool your guests with not-so-sweet tricks that treat them into thinking they’re eating or drinking unruly foods, with Halloween food and beverage labels. Think vampire blood-red wine bottle labels, or transforming your recycling into toxic contraptions, poisons or potions with customisedjar labels.

Decorate your table with spine-chilling spider webs or edible creepy crawlies, jelly snakes, insect bites and eyeball lollipops to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.

Terrifying Table names

Who will be sitting at your table? Personalise your scary seating arrangements with Halloween labels. Place your guests’ names onto bright orange pumpkins, chilling coffins or find their zombie lookalikes to sort your seat chart out in style.

Ghastly glass labels

Once you’ve mastered your chilling cocktail menu or spine-tingling soft drink selection, don’t leave it at that. Present your drink in a glass worth writing home about, but don’t break the bank doing so. Print your epic creepy designs onto vinyl stickers & labels for a waterproof sticker that will last.

Opt for blood dripping down the edge of the glass, spiderwebs around the base or skeleton claws creeping up the glass. Personalised glasses also make the perfect keepsake for people to take home and remember your Halloween party for years to come.

Decorate a hair-raising Halloween wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, get the whole family or classroom involved and gather a selection of autumnal and Halloween decorating essentials to make a festive door wreath. Collect fallen leaves, pumpkins & sunflowers to create an autumnal wreath, or for a more spooky approach choose fake cobwebs, bones, bugs and blood for people to approach your door if they dare.

Celebrate Halloween with custom Halloween stickers and labels at Handy Labels for the ultimate DIY Halloween Decorations. With a minimum order of 20 stickers and quick delivery, you can print exactly what you need, for when you want it.