Christmas Labels: 9 Festive Sticker Ideas


Christmas Labels: 9 Festive Sticker Ideas

Don’t giftup on the holidays this year! Every holiday season we see a ton of orders for Christmas labels and stickers. As each year passes we see more and more creative sticker ideas that jingle our bells. 

Don’t let anyone (gift) box you in, it’s time to spruce things up with your Christmas labels ideas.

1. Personalised ‘To’ & ‘From’  Labels

The easiest, most traditional Christmas stickers & labels are simply ‘to’ and ‘from’. They are by far the most ordered from Handy Labels. Commonly they are printed on rectangle and square labels.

They usually feature a trim festive border in green with holly, mistletoe and berries, other designs feature a red border with presents or the main man himself Santa adorning one of the corners. 

A ‘To’ or ‘From’ label can be used in a multitude of ways, on presents given to family or friends, on envelopes for festive cards being posted. Even as an extra gift wrapping option in commercial stores to increase your brand awareness as well as keep your customers happy. 

2. Keep It Traditional - Rudolph and Friends

Arguably one of the most recognizable Christmas characters is Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, maybe you’d like to create a collection of Christmas stickers for your class or to decorate the outside of envelopes and of course, who wouldn’t want to spice up their classic brown paper wrapped presents with some stickers. 

Other festive friends that would fit on Christmas labels and stickers well are Elfs, Mrs Claus, The Nutcracker, A snowman, Jack Frost and many more.

There are a lot of different Christmas films and TV shows that you could take inspiration from too, although you’ll need to make sure those are for personal use rather than commercial due to copyright restrictions.

3. Let It Snow With Stickers In A Window Display!

Creating a festive window display is a great way to spread the Christmas cheer, with customised stickers. You could create a flurry of business with a snow inspired landscape that draws customers in. 

Window Display Inspiration!

A snowy window scene could be inspired by ‘The Snowman’ a timeless classic featuring Aled Jones' youthful voice. This sort of art style brings people back to their childhood and draws people in, what festive products do you have on offer that you could feature in the display?

4. Share Your Families Christmas Joy, With A Photo Sticker

Get creative with your Christmas cards or yearly family newsletter, add a sticker with a family photo to share the Christmas or holiday cheer. 

These sorts of stickers end up significantly cheaper than printing out a photo, can be printed at a custom size and in custom dimensions. 

5. Festive Food Labels and Sticker Ideas

For Christmas fates, fairs, markets and personal use, we all know someone who makes delectable, heartwarming Christmas cookies or fudge and sells them to family and friends. 

Creating festive food labels not only makes a gift or product feel more personable but they can also communicate any allergy or caloric information to provide transparency to customers.

Food sold with attractive, well thought out labels will help to solidify brand loyalty and customer retention, this can and will help with sales throughout future holiday periods such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Food labels templates

6. Glass Name labels

In the festive period, Christmas parties are held throughout the whole of the holidays and beyond creating customised labels for glasses is a great way to show a unique way of place setting that makes people feel thought about and cared for.

Glass Name Labels in Restaurants

Restaurants could offer this service at a premium price while keeping overheads low to maximise profit and provide that little bit of an extra festive atmosphere while providing incredible customer service. 

Our glass stickers are designed to be used and disposed of without damaging or leaving any remaining residue on glasses

7. Place settings

Similarly to glass name labels, another opportunity for restaurants, work parties and Christmas dinner hosts would be using Christmas labels as place settings. Cooking a full Christmas meal can be stressful, the one thing that adds to the stress is where your family should sit.

Who wants inlaws and children fighting over politics or who got the better gift? Some people would argue that it’s all a part of Christmas and we should embrace the bickering, but for the person in the kitchen, it can be upsetting and just downright annoying. 

Ordering Christmas place setting stickers is the best way to do damage control at the table and create a festive atmosphere while providing a personal touch and a perfectly cooked turkey. 

We wrote another blog that discusses table decorations at length.

8. Advent Stickers

The countdown to Christmas is well underway, you could create a batch of Advent Calendar Stickers to countdown the days in style! 

Create a batch of stickers featuring your favourite festive treats from figgy pudding to candy canes otherwise, our festive friends that we spoke about earlier would be the perfect collection to bring to a set of advent stickers. 

What is advent?

Advent means ‘coming’ usually signifying the run-up to Christmas, which is where we get our festive favourites, the advent calendar. Traditionally advent runs from the week that runs into December, so for 2021 that’ll be the 28th of November until the 24th of December. In 2022 advent will run from the 27th of November to the 24th of December.

As time has moved forward the rise of personalised advent calendars has pushed people to create matching sets of stickers, one for a calendar, one for a set of gifts, we think that’s a really neat way to spread Christmas joy!

But wait—there’s myrrh!

9. Festive Themed Product Labels

Seasonal products are a great way for stores to get people in the Christmas spirit, they provide a guide on gifts and can be really creative. Online and physical product sales are increasing year on year as people grow and interact with each other. 

On the high street, you’ll see things like gingerbread men adorning clothing labels, Santa Claus riding his sleigh over a bottle of wine and the three wise men on candles aplenty. 

Did you like any of our festive sticker ideas? Get in touch to create a custom order to get it shipped before Christmas or to discuss any ideas you may have for another holiday season.