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How to Get Your Labels and Stickers as Cheap as Possible.

Getting things at the right price can often be a balancing act between cost and quality, fortunately at Handy Labels we take pride in the end result and never reduce resolution or compromise quality in anyway. So you can rest assured that whatever material or configuration you opt for, you’ll receive our very best quality cheap labels and stickers as an end result.

Design it Yourself

One of the largest expenses is the design phase, hiring a designer can be an expensive business but it needn’t be. In times past, it required expensive graphics packages to produce quality artwork for use as the template for a label or sticker but today there are various packages and solutions available for free. In fact, right here on this site you’ll find our free designer which will be all the design power you’ll need for most tasks. There are also free design packages that you can download and run from the hard drive of your preferred device.

Let us Design Your Cheap Stickers.

Another low cost option is to have our experienced team of graphic designers produce your artwork. For £25 we will take all the necessary steps to get you some perfect artwork for your project with all the important parts like bleed, trim and safe zone lines taken care of. We will work closely with you to get the right look for your artwork and undertake revisions if need be. The finished artwork will come complete with all the relevant files for your record and approval.

Choose the Most Cost Effective Material

We supply over twenty material options and some are inevitably more expensive than others. Due to the required processes for each of the possible permutations of size, shape and printing options, there is a variation in price differences between large and small numbers of stickers ordered. In the light of this make sure you check all your options for the best price or get in touch via our various options and we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Buy in Bulk

Like almost everything in the world stickers are cheaper by the dozen, well, thousands in reality but the result is the same; the more you buy the lower the price. Obviously it’s not cost effective to buy so many that you don’t ever use them all but they are very robust and will last and last if kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

False Economy

The world is littered with extremely happy customers of Handy Labels, just read our reviews. In the unlikely event you find a cheaper source for stickers, be careful you’re not compromising on quality. With Handy Labels, quality and customer service are paramount.