Awareness and Celebration days in 2022 for the United Kingdom


Awareness and Celebration days in 2022 for the United Kingdom

Being aware of and taking advantage of awareness and marketing days can be a key way to keep your business moving forward and relevant to new and existing customers. You and your business can go beyond the traditional celebration days such as Valentine's and St. Patrick's day. 

April 2022 Awareness Days

April has many different holidays and awareness days that your business can raise awareness for and celebrate. Awareness days bring an opportunity to get closer with your online or local communities by celebrating their cultures and educating the people around your business.

Saturday 2rd April - Ramadan Starts

Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims around the world and falls in the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, in 2022 Ramadan runs from the 2nd of April until the 1st of May. It allows Muslims to fast, reflect, pray and be at one within their communities. 

Ramadan is a season for gift-giving and sharing love within a community, creating special labels for food and beverages when people aren’t fasting is a great way to help people celebrate, alternatively including a sticker with Ramadan Mubarak in your parcels is a great way to show you’re thinking about the Muslim Community.

7th April - World Health Day

World Health Day

The World Health Organisation run world health day every year to drive awareness of our political, social, commercial and economic decisions. This is a great way to let your customers know what you’re doing to improve your environmental impact and how they can improve theirs. 

Here at Handy Labels, we support 3 environmentally schemes to ensure we’re doing as much as we can for our customers and planet so we can provide stickers, sustainably. Those organisations are PEFC, The Woodland Trust and FSC.

We always encourage our customers to order what they need, rather than an excess, which is why our minimum order is set at 25 labels. This allows us to take care of the environment while also taking care of the small businesses that use our products.

17th - 18th April - Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend - Eggs on photo

Easter Sunday is a tried and tested tradition in the UK, while predominantly Christian it is also celebrated by non-religious people across the country. Stores and businesses across the UK pull out all the stops from confectionary and clothing to health and beauty. Where there's a branding opportunity businesses will take it. 

What does that mean for your business? You can order custom labels and stickers for water bottles, spring scented candles, speciality florist stickers or even easter-themed cosmetics labels

22nd April - Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day 2022 has the theme of “Invest in our planet” are asking people to act boldly, innovate broadly and implement equitably. What that means for many businesses is that they should ensure their suppliers are sustainable and they’re shipping their products as sustainably as reasonably possible. 

A lot of pressure is put on citizens and small businesses to do their part for the environment, while we should be doing that we should also be pressuring governments and big businesses to change their practices to ensure the future of our planet.

23rd April - Shakespeare Day

The bard with his own awareness day, Shakespeare is celebrated worldwide on April 23rd. While mainly celebrated in schools across the world that doesn’t mean business can’t either. 

May 2022 Awareness Days

May 2022 Awareness Day

In 2022 May doesn’t have many awareness days but does have some bank holidays, specifically May Day which falls on the 2nd of May. This signifies spring and is traditionally celebrated with may poll dancing. 

7th - 13th May Deaf Awareness Week

Enabling and making hearing people aware of the struggles deaf people face day by day. Making your business deaf accessible is easier than you might think. Businesses could provide training for staff, if you’re hosting events you could hire a BSL interpreter to translate, if your business has a brick and mortar store you could install induction loops for hearing aids. You could also print custom window and display stickers to help improve overall venue accessibility. 

June 2022 Awareness Days

June Awareness Day

June has plenty of celebration and awareness days. It is pride month, a celebration and protest for people within the LGBTQIA+ communities as well as global wellness day. A day where the world comes together to collectively try to heal and improve their wellness practices.

1st June - Pride Month

Pride Month

Pride month along with LGBT+ history month in February are held very close to the LGBT+ communities heart. Any sort of marketing within pride month has to be done correctly otherwise you could see a backlash from the wider community. 

With that being said there are things you can do within pride month to support your community. Rainbow stickers in orders or available in a store could be a good start, specialist products and displays are also a good idea.

If you’re selling specialist products we’d recommend donating a certain amount of profits to charity. Some good LGBT+ charities are Terrance Higgins Trust, Mermaids and Stonewall. Alternatively, you could work with your local pride organisation to donate a certain amount of the profits to them. 

11th June - Global Wellness Day

Over the last few years, there has been a rise of wellness brands and businesses, global wellness day gives those brands a great opportunity to shout about their expertise. This can be as simple as creating custom signage, water bottle stickers and or food labels. 

19th June - Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Fathers Day in the United Kingdom is celebrated on the 19th of June, it is one of the most celebrated and anticipated celebration days across the country. Fathers receive gifts and businesses usually create custom products and cards in order to reap the full benefits of this celebration day. Businesses will need custom labels to ensure their products are appropriately targeting the correct people.

July 2022 Awareness Days

July Awareness Day

July has two main celebration days national ice cream day and international friendship day. Our personal favourite is of course is national ice cream day. Cool off in the hot summer sun with some ice cream. 

17th July - National Ice Cream Day

National Ice cream day

July means getting that summer sun! Celebrate national ice cream day on July 17th. Custom food labels are the perfect way to let your customers know that it's ice cream day. Is your business going to create special flavoured ice cream for the day or give out free ice cream to your hard-working staff?

30th July - International Friendship Day

Do you work in the gift selling industry? Celebrate international friendship day across the world and position your business at the forefront. Any holiday international celebration day can be successful providing your message is direct and to the point.

August 2022 Awareness Days

August Awareness Day

August is the pinnacle of summer in the UK. The nation descends on our parks and beer gardens. Cycle to work day is also in august giving your staff the opportunity to cycle in and keep fit is important for workplace wellness.

4th August - Cycle to Work Day 

Cycle to work day promoted fitness within the workplace. A lot of employers in the UK offer the cycle to work scheme year-round, that scheme enables employees to purchase a bike tax-free and have the rest of the cost deducted from their wages on a monthly basis. 


5th August - National Beer Day

National Beer Day

Seeing as beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the UK it is no surprise that it has its own day. In recent years the rise of homebrewing and microbreweries in the UK has been unprecedented, this is great news for the industry and people within it. 

We offer customised beer and other beverage labels, you can celebrate National Beer Day with a special label and batch of beer. What are you waiting for? Get brewing! 

September 2022 Awareness Days

September Awareness Day

As our planet is warming it is more important than ever to celebrate national wildlife day, it helps to raise awareness to global warming and helps to get businesses to change their policies to decrease their effects on the environment.

Additionally, world tourism day is also in September, it is helping to restart economies around the world and improve local business globally. 

4th September - National Wildlife Day 

Raising awareness for National Wildlife Day is key to keeping our environment safe, diverse and restoring local ecosystems. In 2022 National Wildlife days aim is to recover key species in order to help ecosystems recover effectively. That means implementing workable and sustainable solutions to preserve local wildlife. What is your business doing to take care of its local wildlife and ecosystem?

27th September - World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

World tourism day is more important in 2022 than ever. Now that the world has opened up again we’re able to travel and see more. Economies have been hit around the world and it's now time to help them grow, recover and bloom. 

How can your business promote world tourism day? You could provide information on different countries around the world, interesting facts things to do and or their best-kept secrets. You may import products or have different products inspired by different countries around the world, supply relevant information and peak your customers' interests. 

October 2022 Awareness Days

October Awareness Day

October does not have a lot of awareness days but is an awareness month. Black history month highlights the injustice that the black community has faced over generations. It’s important to educate people so the same atrocities do not happen again.

1st October - Black History Month Starts

Black History Month seeks to celebrate the heritage and culture of black people, and their achievements. During October a lot of focus is placed on education. You may want to highlight important resources or events throughout the month and could also create marketing materials to support black-owned businesses. Custom stickers filled with facts, information and symbols could be a great way to support black history month. 

31st October - Halloween


Halloween is celebrated across the globe and celebrates the dead. Children across the UK go out trick or treating and carve pumpkins. Usually, confectionary brands curate special labels and packaging for their Halloween treats. Custom food labels seem to be the way forward to maximise profits for Halloween. 

November 2022 Awareness Days

November Awareness Day

November 2022 has some of the most important awareness days. Veg pledge helps to keep our nation healthy, workplaces can provide fruit and vegetables across the month of November to help their staff stay healthy. 

National gingerbread day is also in November, it is a stark contrast to the vedge pledge month but everyone's allowed a cheat day, right?

Veg Pledge

Veg Pledge

Veg pledge 2022 aims to get the UK to eat healthier, getting at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day is essential to keep you and the people around you in fighting-fit shape. The United Kingdom raises awareness for veg pledge for the whole month of November in schools, businesses and 

2nd November - National Stress Awareness Day

Stress within our work and home lives seem to pile up as the years go on, more and more people are reporting having to take time off of work in order to cope. This awareness day could help employers to educate staff on how to reduce stress while simultaneously taking actions in-house to ensure they’re doing as much as possible to alleviate staff stress.

21st November - National Gingerbread Day

National Gingerbread Day

One of the nation's favourite types of biscuits, gingerbread. It’s a sweet treat made from ginger, golden syrup, flour and more. It can be decorated with a variety of icing to add a colourful pop to your gingerbread. It can also be used for building, most commonly used for gingerbread houses around Christmas time. 

You can celebrate national gingerbread day by selling custom confectionary in your store or hold a house building and decoration competition. 

December 2022 Awareness Days

December Awareness Day

The month of December is a happy time across the majority of the UK, we celebrate our family and friends, usually by buying each other presents, food and drink. Businesses have multiple ways to leverage this particular month for holidays and celebration days in 2022. 

Businesses often use the holiday season to maximise their profits and give their staff some time off. The best way to maximise your profits on the holidays is custom stickers. Handy Labels can offer custom barcodes, candle labels, address labels, and product labels to spread Christmas joy.

1st December - Advent Begins 


While Advent technically begins on the 27th of December 2022 a lot of people will start to celebrate it on the 1st of December. Advent is most commonly celebrated across the UK by the use of advent calendars. These festive treats have chocolate behind their doors and usually last until the 24th or 25th of December. 

They act as a countdown to Christmas for most, however, for Christians advent represents the coming of Christ specifically and is a celebration of his birth. 

26th December - Boxing Day

Boxing day is celebrated the day after Christmas day and usually consists of big shopping sales. The holiday started as a way to give to the poor and was officially instated as a bank holiday in 1974.  

Having custom sale stickers allows your customers to easily identify which items are on sale.