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How do I apply labels by hand?

We advise all of our adhesive labels to be applied in the same way. Before you apply your labels you need to ensure the surface you are adhering the labels to is dry, clean and free from any dust particles. The surface also needs to be smooth and flat otherwise the adhesive will not perform to its full potential.

Once the leading edge of your label is applied to its destination, ensure to smooth the label with a clean, dry cloth eliminating any air bubbles as you go. We have created a how-to video for a more in-depth demonstration.

Our static window cling is adhesive-free and will only cling to smooth, flat glass surfaces. The optimum way to apply our window cling is to spray a light mist of water onto the back of the sticker or surface it's being applied to, then squeegee down removing any excess water for a smooth, bubble-free look.

If you have any concerns or questions about choosing the correct material and adhesive for your needs, we highly recommend ordering a free sample pack to enable you to test our products fully before placing a full order.